Super Junior Comeback [Siwon and Kyuhyun Teaser Photos]

I kinda died when I saw Siwon’s and Kyu’s shots

Seeing Siwon’s gave me a shock because I was not expecting it like that at all. I was expecting him to be more like this guy…

(Click thru for the full picture)

Except that he had a leaf for a covering or maybe a bush or something. Following his previous teaser from Mr. Simple, I thought SM is promoting Siwon’s body but seeing his teaser now… I might be wrong… I don’t hate his photo but I don’t like it that much either. I’m just saying.

For Kyuhyun, It was a very very very simple shot but it was REALLY GOOD. The lighting is good and I like that he had that layer of powder on his face, it looks like a mask to me and I like it. YES!


Super Junior Comeback [Kangin and Sungmin Teaser Photos]

Today, SMe decided to kill everybody by releasing Kangin and Sungmin’s Teaser and here they are :



My Thoughts :I don’t even know how to start. Uhm…Kangin oppa… WE MISSED YOU TT^TT and you look like you came from a masquerade party! YES! I’m just glad you’re back! omg…

Sungmin UNNIE! Because he looks more like an unnie rather than an oppa. He looks amazing. The blonde hair is a good decision for me and it blends with the photo concept, It kinda looks like his character in Wonder Boy and I like that character! He’s prettier than me too >.< why oppa why…

Last two people, Last two. KYUHYUN and SIWON. I shall prepare oxygen and maybe a hospital bed for tomorrow. I might check myself in the hospital later tonight because I’m sure I’m gonna die when I see their teasers.

Super Junior Comeback [Yesung and Shindong Teaser Photos]

They released two more photos today! Yesung and Shindong’s Phos were the ones that were revealed today and here they are.

My thoughts : I did not recognize Yesung at first, but when I put my face just near the screen I realized that it was him with a nest on his head. I kinda like what he looked like with all the nip slip and stuff but its too simple. Oh! One fact I like is that he looked like he came out of a painting, with all the blurred stuff on there.

Shindong, I don’t know but I think I’ve seen that frozen concept before…. Hmmm… I just cant put my finger on it…

It looks familiar… It really does… but… anyway. What I like about Donghee’s shot is they brought out his sexiness, yes you read that right SEXINESS. His jaw line is perfect, his neck is just ugh… idk, smooth. I wanna lick my way on that neck tbh. All in all I like the shot . I really do, but the fact that he could be the 6th member of bigbang with that concept shot is what is bothering me. Yes.

We have Kyuhyun, Kangin, Siwon and Sungmin left! xD So excited to see Kyu’s shot.

Super Junior Comeback [Leeteuk and Ryeowook Teaser Photos]

I think the SM people made a mistake on releasing 2 photos in one day but the ELFs loved it. It was kinda late when they released the pictures but fans forgave them when they released two in one day.

Here are Teuk’s and Wookie’s Teaser Photos respectively.

Leader also tweeted about his picture saying that he looks like Peter Pan, and that there are crystals on his make up that took hours to put on.

My thoughts : Leader is flawless and I like the fact that he does look like Pan! He looked like he came out from a story book. The thing on his hair fits him perfectly. If Peter Pan is indeed his concept, he nailed it.

Wook dear goodness, I LOVE YOUR RED HAIR! the jawline is perfect, the make up is just ugh. I like his shot but something is missing in his photo. More accessories or maybe props? different colored background? idk.

4 down 6 to go!

Super Junior Comeback [Donghae and Eunhyuk Teaser Photos]

It was announced that Super Junior will be back with another album this year but I did not expect it to be this fast. SMe released a teaser photo of member Eunhyuk yesterday saying that Super Junior will be back for their 6th album this July 1st. The album is entitled “Sexy, Free and Single”

Today, SMe released Donghae’s teaser photo

I know I was a little formal with the intro but I can’t help it tho. I kinda was shocked with the date of the comeback I was expecting them to comeback by August but wth July is much better. I liked Eunhyuk’s photo, I thought it was Kai (Exo) mashed with Taemin (SHINee) at first. I realized it was Hyuk when I saw a post with SuJu’s name just below. Haha. Donghae on the other hand looked like a girl (Sorry but it’s true). It also looked more like a painting done by DaVinchi he and Mona Lisa could be siblings you know. My twitter has my full reaction … Anyway, I’m excited for their comeback and I cant wait to see Kangin :3