Leeteuk’s Enlistment

So, Today marks one of the loneliest days of my year… so far. Leader is in the army for two years and I’m sad that I won’t get to see him for the mean time but also I want to be happy for his sake. I’m going to miss that man’s unique laugh and his wit in variety shows but I can’t do anything about that now, Every man in Korea has to deal with this so all we can do is wait for him. I actually haven’t watched any videos because I know I’m going to cry and I don’t want to cry because like I know he’s coming back!

I’m actually concerned more for Donghae, The two have known each other for 14 years and Teukie was everything to Donghae, he became his dad, a big brother, a best friend, a teacher, everything. Leeteuk once said that he’s actually worried for Hae because he might feel empty when he goes in and that is what worries me, Donghae. I just hope he feels okay and that he’s get though to 21 Teuk-less months. It might be a difficult ride for him but I know that the members will cheer him up. That boy’s tears are so shallow yet the meaning is very deep that he cries easily whenever you talk to him about family.

To end this rather teary post, I just want to wish Teukie well and let him know that ELFs will always be there to watch his back for him. I know he knows that he’s the best leader, and we’re thankful for him for a lot of things. Your lovely ELF will be waiting for your safe return Leader! Take Care and Saranghae~

Super Junior Comeback [Sexy Free and Single MV]


I cannot contain my feelings about this Music Video. I don’t know how to express what I feel about Kangin, the video, the song, the set and everything in between. But I will say this I AM JUST FREAKIN HAPPY THEY ARE NOT IN THAT WHITE BOX 90% OF THE MUSIC VIDEO. It’s kinda new to see them dancing on an empty street like set but still, it’s better than a white box.

And and, Let me just point out how many shirt-less members are there /wink wink. Also they all stood out in this vid.  I’m just so happy for them for releasing another bad-ass song.


Super Junior Comeback [Sexy, Free and Single MV Teaser]

It’s out! Finally :3

YES YES YES!! I can’t contain my excitement. Okay, first is I like the fact that they aren’t stuck in a box and their set is cool. It kinda looks like the one from LaChaTa of f(x) but what the hell its awesome… Next is KANGIN OMG. ;~~~~; I missed you…

the “Sexy Free and Single, I’m ready to bingo” part was kinda weird Mingle would have been awesome in that line but you know, nothing is normal when it comes to SuJu… Anyway I’m super excited for their comeback, for the cover and such. :3

Super Junior Comeback [Leeteuk and Ryeowook Teaser Photos]

I think the SM people made a mistake on releasing 2 photos in one day but the ELFs loved it. It was kinda late when they released the pictures but fans forgave them when they released two in one day.

Here are Teuk’s and Wookie’s Teaser Photos respectively.

Leader also tweeted about his picture saying that he looks like Peter Pan, and that there are crystals on his make up that took hours to put on.

My thoughts : Leader is flawless and I like the fact that he does look like Pan! He looked like he came out from a story book. The thing on his hair fits him perfectly. If Peter Pan is indeed his concept, he nailed it.

Wook dear goodness, I LOVE YOUR RED HAIR! the jawline is perfect, the make up is just ugh. I like his shot but something is missing in his photo. More accessories or maybe props? different colored background? idk.

4 down 6 to go!