MAMA [Mnet Asian Music Awards]

This is the first time that I’ve actually streamed through the whole awards ceremony, from the red carpet to the encore and I must admit that it was a deathly experience. Not only was I killed by my biases’ interaction but also because of the hot drama actors present there. I was so happy to be able to do this and I would probably do this again next year if given a chance.

So, My babies won!! and I’m so happy~~
BigBang snagged :

  • Artist of the Year
  • Best Male Group
  • Best Male Artist (GD)
  • Guardian Angel Worldwide Performer

Suju Snagged :

  • Album of the Year
  • Best Line Award (idk what is this tbh)
  • Best Global Group

All in all, I’m happy with whatever results they get! I’m a proud ELF and VIP! I was kinda hoping DBSK would win too but well there’s always next year. I’m actually happier not because both of them won but because my biases are just a seat apart during the opening.
(.gif not mine)
You can see Donghae there and G Dragon just a YESUNG apart and I literally want to tell Yesung to change seats with Hae so I can die happily ;~~;. The performances were awesome and GD’s hair was RED by the time he accepted the award for Best Male and that is one quick drying hair dye, BigBang stage was HELLA GREAT and the effects and the awesomeness and the sessy and everything is just to difficult to describe. Suju’s on the other hand was crazy beautiful, they did Mr. Simple with the lights just appearing and it was all dark and like it was soooooo cool. Everything about it was great and I was spazzing the whole time with my twitter friends and we were dying and exploding at the same time. It felt like we watched a concert with VIP tickets, it was that cool.

Anyway, If you want the full list of winners you can go check out THIS SITE (This is the official site for MAMA) If you haven’t seen the stages then I suggest you go watch it and do look out for some clips too!! ^^


So… I’m watching/waiting to watch a couple of dramas. I just finished Moon Embraces and I’m still watching some of the episodes whenever I want to see Yang Myeong Gun or Lee Hwon once in a while, I still haven’t moved on…

I’m still waiting for the last 4 episodes of Panda and Hedgehog, I just saw the english subbed of episode 12 not too long ago and I must say that I’m liking the flow of the story and I’m guessing that Donghae might be someone really important to the people he loves in a different way. Like his past has something to do with the people he knows now.

I also started Arang and the Magistrate a few hours ago and I’m still warming up to the drama. I like Shin Min Ah in Gumiho and her character there is the same as the one in this drama. Lee Jun Ki, I know him but I haven’t really seen his dramas so this will be my first time and I’m excited for that.

I’m also planning to see Nice Guy with Song Joongki and Lee Gwangsoo… I’ve read that it’s really a good drama and I’m planning so see it when they’ve reached that certain number of episodes. I hear that Joongki is really good in this one and I’m hoping to see this side of him.

If you want to suggest a good drama for me to go see then feel free to comment or tweet  ^^v

Super Junior Comeback [Sexy Free and Single MV]


I cannot contain my feelings about this Music Video. I don’t know how to express what I feel about Kangin, the video, the song, the set and everything in between. But I will say this I AM JUST FREAKIN HAPPY THEY ARE NOT IN THAT WHITE BOX 90% OF THE MUSIC VIDEO. It’s kinda new to see them dancing on an empty street like set but still, it’s better than a white box.

And and, Let me just point out how many shirt-less members are there /wink wink. Also they all stood out in this vid.  I’m just so happy for them for releasing another bad-ass song.


Super Junior Comeback [Sexy, Free and Single MV Teaser]

It’s out! Finally :3

YES YES YES!! I can’t contain my excitement. Okay, first is I like the fact that they aren’t stuck in a box and their set is cool. It kinda looks like the one from LaChaTa of f(x) but what the hell its awesome… Next is KANGIN OMG. ;~~~~; I missed you…

the “Sexy Free and Single, I’m ready to bingo” part was kinda weird Mingle would have been awesome in that line but you know, nothing is normal when it comes to SuJu… Anyway I’m super excited for their comeback, for the cover and such. :3

Super Junior Comeback [Donghae and Eunhyuk Teaser Photos]

It was announced that Super Junior will be back with another album this year but I did not expect it to be this fast. SMe released a teaser photo of member Eunhyuk yesterday saying that Super Junior will be back for their 6th album this July 1st. The album is entitled “Sexy, Free and Single”

Today, SMe released Donghae’s teaser photo

I know I was a little formal with the intro but I can’t help it tho. I kinda was shocked with the date of the comeback I was expecting them to comeback by August but wth July is much better. I liked Eunhyuk’s photo, I thought it was Kai (Exo) mashed with Taemin (SHINee) at first. I realized it was Hyuk when I saw a post with SuJu’s name just below. Haha. Donghae on the other hand looked like a girl (Sorry but it’s true). It also looked more like a painting done by DaVinchi he and Mona Lisa could be siblings you know. My twitter has my full reaction … Anyway, I’m excited for their comeback and I cant wait to see Kangin :3