Non K-Drama & Movie List

Since I have discovered a side of me that became interested in dramas and movies that are in other languages, I decided to review them as well. I was planning on reviewing this on another site but it’s hard to maintain that one. This might include both dramas and movies; I have seen a lot of international movies and I might review them too if I am able to. Those in THIS COLOR are Dramas and the ones in THIS COLOR are Movies.

  • Fall in Love With Me (Twn)
  • Last Cinderella (Jpn)
  • Our Times (Twn)
  • From Me to You (Jpn)
  • Daylight Shooting Star (Jpn)
  • My Brother Loves Me Too Much (Jpn)
  • Love Now (Twn)
  • Love Around (Twn)

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