Great News and other ramlings

Hey guise!! Guess what? I am back in drama land… for now. I started watching Descendants of the Sun and well can you blame me? I have been waiting for this drama since like late January and finally I had the chance to see it. Caught up to the latest epidose yesterday, Episode 8 and well I can see another You Who Came like hangover building since when I started YWCFTS, it only had 8 eps as well.

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Happy Christmas!!

Hello Everyone! It’s already december and christmas is just around the corner.

I just want to let you all know that I’m writing my review for Blade Man, I finished the drama a few hours ago and I’m super excited to write my review for it.

I’m also having a Lee Dong Wook hangover so I’m trying to watch Hotel King (sawsomebedscenessolikeyeah) as well. Wish me luck, 35 episodes.. I might go in deeper than before.

In case I don’t log in on Christmas Day, I wish you all a Happy Christmas and I hope you’ll all have a wonderful time with your loved ones 🙂 please spend more time with them as possible and always tell them that you appreciate them because you’ll never know how long it’s gonna last. God Bless ^^v

Sunshine Award!

I am really shocked and honored to be nominated for this, I haven’t really been blogging for a long time and I also am not that active for the past months but I would like to thank kdramadreamer for nominating me for this award.

Rules :

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate a few other bloggers
  • Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated.
  • Notify the bloggers on their blog.
  • Put the award button on your blog.

Here are her questions :

1. What drama cliche, if any, are you sick of?
– When one of the characters get amnesia. I really am sick of it. there’s a time where almost back to back dramas had an amnesia instance in it.
2. What’s your favorite word in Korean?
– It’s probably 사과(sagwa) which means apple and apology at the same time. I do love word play when it comes to korean words. I also got it from Personal Taste
3. If your life could be a Kdrama story, which one would you want it to be and why?
– I want it to be a Master’s Sun one. I’m a bit like her since I really am not outgoing, I don’t like going out plus my best friend is my computer and I also like how she also finds a broken person and they help fix each other.
4. What Kdrama character reminds you the most of yourself?
– Tae Gong Shil
5. Which Kdrama character would be your ideal love of your life?
– So difficult oh my goodness, It’s a fight between Do Min Joon and Han Kyul (Coffee Prince)
6. What was the worst drama you ever saw?
– Big
7. Which female lead had you frustrated like no other?
– Go Eun Chan, haha… She looks handsome dressed as a guy so I don’t regret anything
8. Was there ever a male lead you honestly didn’t like, and who?
– (Don’t hate me for this) Rain, I do love him in full house but the rest kinda didn’t do it for me. 

Thank you again for nominating me 🙂 It’s an honor and a pleasure.

Here are my questions :

  1. How do you pick your drama? Based on Actors, Plot or Writers?
  2. Who is your most favourite evil mother?
  3. Is there second lead that you loved more than the lead?
  4. What is a drama than you can watch over and over again?
  5. Which Kdrama character would be likely to be your best friend?
  6. What Kdrama song or OST stayed on you for a long time?
  7. What drama gave you the longest hangover?
  8. When did you think that you’re gonna be hooked to kdramas?

I would like to nominate Joni, Heerin, emeraldsconfessions and myanonymouskpopaddiction . If you have been nominated then please feel free to ignore but if you want to answer the questions then feel free to do so. 😀

That Kdrama Moment

I had this thought as I was re-watching Master’s Sun with my sister. She got so irritated when I would sing the song on cue the same as the TV and it got me wondering; what K-drama moments/ instances do I do unconsciously? Do other drama watchers experience this too? I compiled a few Kdrama moments that I have experienced and here they are.

1. That K-drama moment when… You sing the song and on cue, at the exact moment. My first experience on this was from Personal Taste and I believe I already told you all about that so I won’t really go into detail. I really acquired that when I watch dramas, when I do have the song on my head and when I know that it’s gonna come I do sing with and I end up always being on cue.

2. That K-drama moment when…You guess what they’re about to say. I have been watching dramas for a really long time (well I wouldn’t say long but I’m about to be there) and I have this moment when I can guess what they’re about to say. It’s really fun when they actually say what you thought they’re about to say.

3. That K-drama moment when…You hate the villain more than you should. I have experienced this in A LOT of dramas, namely : Secret Garden, BOF and You Who Came From the Stars and others that I can’t seem to remember. I curse at them when they do evil thing and I usually curse in Korean so that they wouldn’t understand. But yeah, sometimes you just want to jump into the screen and strangle the villain.

4. That K-drama moment when… You cry harder the second time. I think we all have experienced this. I am a big re-watcher and I love re-watching my fave dramas and every time there is a scene that teared me up the first time, It will surely tear me up the next time. I know it’s coming but I still end up crying at the same scene.

and lastly…

5. That K-drama moment when… You just want to jump in the screen and hug that cry-er. I do have those random moments where I want to hug that person (*cough*kim soo hyun *cough*) because of how well he cries. It’s like you just want to say to him “I fell you, bro” and just give him a tight hug or maybe wipe his tears away and you also end up crying with the person.

I just thought about all these random drama moments and I know that I am not alone on this. I may have missed some and if you also have them please do shoot em my way.

No Jinx!

So, I said to all you people that I’m sorta back and well I kinda am. I don’t wanna jinx anything but I’m finishing a drama tomorrow and I’m also in the process of watching one too (watching 2 dramas). I’m finishing Discovery of Romance plus I’m on episode 3 on God’s Quiz 4, I’m also planning on watching Blade Man ^^ and debating if I should see Fated to Love You (Korean Verison). A lot going on, I know.

I usually have this plan but I don’t want to jinx anything since when I say something, I don’t end up doing it. So now, I’m hoping and praying that I get to watch all of these and review them asap 🙂 So yeah… I’ve been on.hiatus on drama watching, so are there any dramas that I might want to see or that were great in le reviews, then send em all to me ^^v