[Personal Review] Abyss


Hello! It’s good to be back and to bring this blog back to life. I really am finding the time to write reviews but I haven’t had time to watch any kdramas lately. Netflix has eaten me and I was able to finish The Big Bang Theory (after years of looking where to watch), started watching Lucifer and Outlander ( as well as read them Outlander books, I’m at book 4 now). This drama caught my eye a few months ago and I really haven’t had the time to write a decent review so here I am. I think what made me watch this was Bo Young, I love watching her dramas because her characters are always funny and charming.

Cast: This cast wasn’t that huge since the story did revolve on just out the main cast and our villain which is a plus on my part because I got to focus on just two main storylines [the best thing about kdramas, tbh]. Park Bo Young as Lee Mi Do / Go Se Yeon; I think I’ve said this before, she is amazing. I’ve seen some of her works before and I’ll continue watching her works. She’s playing this policewoman who was murdered and it was the best thing ever, she played it very well. Ahn Hyo Seop as Cha Min; this man I’ve seen in My Father is Strange and I thought he was cute but aside from the snippets I saw, I don’t have any idea who he is or how he acts. I can say that he was really good in this drama, the played his character very well and he’s very charming too.

Their chemistry in this drama is super adorable!! They really did a great job in this drama.

Story: The story is about this thing, “Abyss” that revives people who passed away. Cha Min, who was trying to commit suicide and accidentally fell to his death was the first one to be revived by these grim reaper looking people using the abyss. It says that once you’re revived, your face will be different because that’s what your soul looks like. He transforms into this good looking and young bachelor.

Eventually, he finds out that his best friend, Se Yeon passed away and he revives her as well and she turns into this petite and cute girl who is very different from her previous appearance.


Se Yeon & Cha Min (Park Bo Young & Ahn Hyo Seop) – At first, I was a little skeptical about how this pairing would go about but it worked. I actually saw a clip of them on youtube that urged me to watch the series. I really love it when Bo Young’s partners are taller than her, I dunno it just looks good on-screen plus she just firs into that little crevice between the body and the arms, Anyway, their love story is pretty adorable too. They’re childhood friends but Cha Min is always open to Se Yeon about his feeling for her but she isn’t. It’s just a cute love story and it’s really pure.

Park Dong Cheol & Lee Mi Do (Lee Si Eon & Song Sang Eun) –  I don’t want to spoil too much but I just can’t pass up mentioning these two. [SPOILER ALERT] They’re actually a big part of the drama because Se Yeon, who is supposedly dead, came back to life and she can’t use her own name to investigate so she uses Lee Mi Do’s identity to investigate. Now, what she doesn’t know is that Mi Do is Dong Cheol’s girlfriend. It’s a very confusing plot like I know but it’ll all work out in the end. It’s just for the four of them to sort things out. They’re an adorable couple afterward and they’re also happy to help.

My thoughts: The drama was okay. It wasn’t all that great because some of the details were missing. The plot for the villain was confusing to me and the ending was VERY VERY similar to You Who Came from the Stars which bummed me out. I can understand Cha Min’s character development because his family is rich plus he was never reported to be dead so they can just say that he got surgery. For Se Yeon however, it was a different story and I kept on thinking how she’ll be able to go on living because the news of her death spread and if she uses her fingerprint they would be registered to a dead person. That was what troubled me, to be honest, but aside from that major plot hole. The love story is okay and is fun to watch. It did make me cry a couple of times because they kept on dying, lol but if you get past that it’s okay.

Do let me know if you’ve seen this drama and if you like it. If you haven’t seen it, do give it a go. Happy Watching ^^v

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