[Personal Review] Love O2O


Surprise surprise. It’s not Korean. It’s not that I don’t watch Kdramas anymore, it’s just that I’m having a break from the heavy drama. I know I’m going to bawl my eyes out if I watch a Kdrama so I’m just taking a quick break. This drama I’ve been eyeing since 2017, I’ve been seeing clips of it on youtube and stuff, I just haven’t found the right moment to see it. Lately, my Netflix account has been active as ever because of the series that I’ve been watching. [SHOUT OUT TO ALL UMBRELLA ACADEMY FANS!!] I also included some dramas in my list and I’m on Netflix almost every night updating my list.

Cast: Please bear with me here since I’ve developed a liking to the main lead. Yang Yang as Xiao Nai / Yixiao Naihe, Zheng Shuang as Bei Weiwei / Luwei Weiwei. This is the first time I’ve seen our lead actors and to be honest, they don’t look too bad. I found their acting good and their chemistry is just amazing. Zheng Shuang is very pretty and I like her image in the movie, she doesn’t really show off much of her body but she still looks very sexy. Her acting is spot on and her reactions are to die for. She’s easy on the eyes and her smile lights up the room. I love how she portrayed her character too. Now, let’s talk about Yang Yang. Cute name, strange but cute. (FUN FACT: Yang or 양 means sheep in Korean) At first, I wasn’t really too fond of him because the guy in the movie, Boran Jing had an impact on me. As I move from one episode to another he grows on me and what made me surrender was his adorable smile (omg help me).

It made me go weak in the knees and I also thought that he kinda looks like a combination of Ji Chang Wook, Suho and CN Blue’s Jonghyun and his voice reminds me of Taehyung (V) from BTS. I did love his character (I love nerds because I am a nerd myself) because he’s got the face and the brains, he’s also that kind of person who’s really determined. His fondness for Weiwei at first looked a little creepy for me since he did know who she was and (spoiler alert) how he stalked her in the library. All in all, Naihe or Master is the full package and he played it really well.

Story: Weiwei and Xiao Nai are players in this game called “A Chinese Ghost Story” which is an RPG game. One day, Weiwei was playing a game in a PC Cafe and Xiao Nai saw her playing and he got shot by love. In the game, Weiwei’s husband files for divorce and marries another girl character, Xiao Nai proposes that his character and Weiwei’s get married for an upcoming tournament. They get close, form a bond and then one day, he asks her to meet up… in person.

Alright, I’m not going to spoil anything because obviously, the drama has more time to broaden the storyline. It did have more side stories about the other and I’m not going to talk about that because this might turn into a book series. The story is very similar to the movie however it did have a much better plot twist and character introductions.


Weiwei & Xiao Nai (Zheng Shuang & Yang Yang) – They are the sweetest and the most adorable couple in the series. I swear. I love them to bits and I also am in awe of how their relationship progressed from being an online couple to being one in real life. She did know that she got into whenever Xiao Nai is in work mode and she just leaves him be and just in awe of how he works basically. I think she loves to watch him while he works.

The actors’ chemistry is really good as well, I have to be honest that I did watch some behind the scene clips and they’re so cute together off-screen too.

Erxi & Cao Cuang (Mao Xiaotong & Bai Yu) – Basically they were not even a thing till like half of the series. It’s a pretty long drama with 30 episodes, these two were very late but they did sort of look promising. How they met and how their relationship started is not that good [I’ll leave the drama tell that story because it’s confusing AF] however, they did have progress as the drama ended and they look cute together.

K.O. & Mr. Girly (Zhang Binbin & Zheng Yecheng) – BROMANCE at it’s finest. [that’s all I’m gonna say]

My thoughts: I loved it! It is pretty long, as expected from Chinese dramas but once you skip through the vines of plots and side stories, you’re good. It has like 3 or 4 story lines but it was sort of intertwined and closely related so it’s not that confusing. What I like about this drama is that I didn’t cry and it made me smile most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kdramas and they give me a good bawl whenever I see one but it’s nice to not cry watching a drama for once :D.

Air Date : 2016

Do let me know if you’ve seen this drama and if you like it. If you havent seen it, do give it a go. Happy Watching ^^v

6 thoughts on “[Personal Review] Love O2O

  1. Hello! I also have watched and loved this show! Omg! Yang Yang ❤️
    Also, the OST is so good and the entire support cast pulls off their roles so well. I saw it long ago but I remember that his boy group is so strong and one of them(the funny one who lands up living in with the new guy! Was that a potential romance? What a wasted opportunity! He was GORGEOUS. Sometimes so much that I was watching him instead of Yang Yang! Now I do need to google him!!) I haven’t seen the movie as yet. Should I have a go?

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