[Movie Review] Love O2O

Love O2O 11.jpg

Hello once again! I am so back with movie Monday and I know it’s been so long since I posted a Korean movie but I’ll get through that eventually. Lately, I’ve been re kindling my love for CDramas and that included CMovies as well. I’ve been planning on watching this particular story (movie? drama?) for quite sometime. I saw it online by 2017 but I just haven’t has the resources nor the feel to see it. I was surfing through my Nexflix account and I saw the movie and the drama so I just went with it. By the way, I’ve seen both the movie and the drama so I will be reviewing both.

Cast: Angelababy as Bei Weiwei / Luwei Weiwei ; Jing Boran as  Xiao Nai/ Yixiao Naihe; Bai Yu as Zhenshui Wuxiang/Cao Guang

Story: Basically, this movie is a romance that was a result of gaming that turned into something serious. Let me just start by that. Our leads are gamers who met up online, formed a relationship there. Really, that’s the best I can do without giving you spoilers.


Here’s the real deal. Weiwei is an RPG Gamer who’s really good at playing, she is in an in game relationship with Cao Guang but then suddenly, her game “husband” decided to file a divorce, that she accepts and then marries another character the next day, (what an a-hole, right? sorry) then Yixiao Naihe, the number one player in the server the proposes to her to get married for “the game”. That’s when everything gets better. Naihe does everything for Weiwei, gave her the best and grand game wedding, sweet talks and he actually does play the part of husband very well. One day, Naihe decides that they should meet up, what happens next will remain a secret from me and to those who have seen the movie.

My thoughts: I do love the story, it was really entertaining and very freaking romantic. I did have my fair share of RPGs when I was in high school but I stopped because it was taking a toll on my eyes. It was really romantic and can I just say, Angelababy is a real  beauty, her skin is amazing and I think it does glow for real. Game romance is not rare but it’s not that common as well. I’ve seen a lot of people marry the person they met through online and mobile gaming and they’ve went on to like being the perfect couple and I kinda admire that.

Comparing this to the drama will be unfair however, there are some details in the drama that made better sense to me than in the movie but I saw this first before I went on to watch the drama because 30 episodes, my goodness. All in all, I did love this movie it was such a nice intro to LOVE 020. It had the important parts which was the basketball scene and the umbrella scene so I’m kinda okay with that.

Do give this movie a watch, if you’ve seen it let me know if you love it or would see it again. If you haven’t seen it, I wish you Happy Watching ^^v

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