[Movie Review] Fall in Love at First Kiss


Once I again, I bid you hello! It’s time for another movie review from me. I owe you a lot of reviews so here I am trying to make up for it. Since I’m such a fangirl and I’m following Darren Wang on IG, of course I watched this a few days after it was released, how I did that, is something I will never reveal. This movie was based on Itazura na Kiss (Jpn), It Started with a Kiss (Twn) and so much more. I’ve seen the Korean one, Playful Kiss, way back 2010 (w/c I need to write a review as well) and it was okay since I was not able to see the other versions

Cast: Darren Wang as Jiang Zhi Shu, Jelly Lin as Yuan Xiang Qin [I would also love to add the other two which are Xiang Qin’s suitor and Zhi Shu’s friend but I’m not sure who they are so if you know the names of the actors, please send me a message. I will truly appreciate. Thanks so much!!]

Story: I think every story is the same, I’m not the most reliable source since I’ve seen 2 adaptations and not the original one but it’s about our two main leads, Zhi Shu who is an intelligent, dashing and charming young man who ranks number 1 then we have Xiang Qin who is a good student, very pretty and is a big fan of Zhi Shu. One day, Xiang Qin’s house collapses and she and her dad has to live under the roof of her dad’s friend who turns out to be Zhi Shu’s dad and house.

I think every story is the same. I looked for some clips of the JPN one and the story line is sort of the same. I’m not going to give out any spoilers but I think they changed something in the story line but I’m not really sure since it’s been years since I’ve seen the Korean version.

My thoughts: LOVED it. It was a feel good movie and you all know I’m a sucker for a good romantic movie and this made my old heart flutter. The the way Darren delivers his lines gives me the chills. This was released last V-Day and I think it’s very fitting. Loved this movie and I will watch it again. Happy Watching ~ ^^v

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