[Movie Review] From Me to You

425px-from_me_to_you-p2-1Hello! Okay, so I know that my movie reviews are long overdue because I haven’t posted any movie reviews since 2015. I know, I’m sorry. This is not the official comeback of Movie Mondays but I shall try my hardest. I promise. 🖐️.

This movie was found accidentally while I was browsing through some blogs for good movies to watch. I then recognized the guy in the poster and well I just went for it because why not?

Cast: Haruma Miura as Shota Kazehaya, Mikako Tabe as Sawako KuronumaMisako Renbutsu as Chizuru YoshidaMirei Kiritani as Ume Kurumizawa

Story: The movie revolves in a high school and the story surrounds Sawako, she’s this quiet girl that is being teased by everybody as “Sadako” because of her hair and also because she barely speaks a word. One day she gets involved with Kazehaya (if my memory serves me right,) He defends her from the bullies and school and he’s the brave soul that wants to be friends with her and tries to talk to her. He eventually gets his group of friends to be her friends as well and then the adventure starts there.

Sawako gets invites to parties and she even gains real friends through Kazehaya’s friends too and they even get to hang out.

My thoughts: I liked this movie although I do prefer the anime version just because the scenes there are not too limited and the reactions are adorable. I haven’t seen the whole anime but I’ve seen clips and I definitely prefer that just because they really didn’t hold back on the skinship and the interactions. With this one, I wanted more of the ending because they cut short on what happens to Kazehaya and Sawako like I want to know what their relationship is like after they confess to each other but still it’s a good movie that discusses about friendship and that’s what I loved about it.

Do check this movie out if you haven’t and let me know what you think ^^v. Happy Watching ~

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