Top 10 Favourite Moments from Fight For My Way

vlcsnap-2018-07-21-08h16m33s648Aloha! I’m back with my top 10 favourite moments and this time it’s with my favourite leading man, Park Seo Joon <3. I am addicted to this man and it seems that his dramas have an impact on me. He has a drama currently airing and about to end too… I think. I am definitely getting that when I fly back home. My review for this is still in the works and so are my entries for Movie Mondays :). Enjoy!

1. Crossing over from the Friend Zone… twice

2. Invasion, Realization and Familiarism

3. Bed Scenes

4. KISSES (damn you Seo Joon)

5. Aegyo to die for

6. Ji Won’s Aegyo

7. Letting her realize that he isn’t that piece of trash anymore

8. A Shirtless Proposal

9. Perks of having a best friend who’s a taekwondo black belter

10. How to take care of your best friend

Credits to Viki and DramaKBS for all the videos that are in this post.
You may find the videos posted here at Viki Global TV’s Youtube Channel and DramaKBS’ Youtube Channel.
AgainI DO NOT OWN any of the videos in this post.

If you’re taking the photo, kindly credit @haeitsgee or seoulfulangel, Thanks!

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