[Personal Review] Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

20170126_101543_1275Hello wonderful people! This review is long overdue, I know. I was caught up with work and with a lot of stuff in general plus I experienced writer’s block. I tried updating this review a lot of times but my brain just can’t produce.

So, I was able to know about this drama when I watched Hwarang but like I didn’t really take notice till a friend from work recommended it to me. At first, I was a little hesitant because I just finished a drama that time and would like to get some time off but when I started watching it, it kinda grew on me. I did like the whole FEMALE POWER thing and that’s what really kept me going.

Cast: Before I begin with the cast, let me just remind you that this might contain serious fangirling and spazzing. Park Hyung Sik as Ahn Min Hyuk; I did mention that I was able to see Hwarang before I went to see this so I did have a taste of his acting and he was amazing af. His acting is really spot on especially his reactions regarding Bong Sun’s strength. What I love about him is that he can shift from drama to serious in a matter of seconds and he cries so damn good as well. I believe that he played the role beautifully, he did fit into that cool CEO vibe and I love him for that. Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon; This woman is AMAZING! I love her to bits. After I saw Oh My Ghost, she was a permanent name in my book. She’s adorable, cute, a damn good actress and she’s just a fun to watch. She has this thing where she really puts in a special touch in every role that she portrays. I also found her to be very flexible, just like Hyung Sik because she’s can crush my heart one moment and then put it all back together a few minutes later and then like make me laugh my heart out after. She was the perfect as Do Bong Soon and may I just say, her Oh My Ghost character is named Na Bong Soon, coincidence? I think, yeah… might be. Ji Soo as In Gook Du; I like Ji Soo, I do he’s such a good actor and I believe I saw him in Doctors with Park Shin Hye and he was really cool in that drama but he kinda uses the same emotion for me. Maybe it’s just his role, he seems very emotionless in this drama, which is weird because his cameo for Weightlifting Fairy was hilarious! I don’t know what happened but I still love him tho. He’s really good and his smile… omg his smile is like the rainbow after a pretty harsh storm. The cast here is amazing, even the supporting cast was funny and fun to watch.

Story: The story focuses on our main girl, Bong Sun. A peanut sized citizen of Dobong- dong who is (unknown to everybody) really strong. She then encounters a situation where she needed to use her strength and this was accidentally witnessed by our CEO who was amazed and shocked at how that little woman beat up such huge guys. Somehow, she ends up in a police station where *ehem* In Gook Du is stationed so she was nervous as hell and pretends to not know anything about what just happened. After this scene, a lot of things will happen and it involves the three of them, the little town of Dobong- dong and a very dangerous serial killer.

The story also revolves on their relationship with their family and their love lives too, like Bong Sun and her mom. Min Hyuk and his relationship with his brothers and father and Gook Du with his girlfriend (yup, sadly he is in a relationship in this drama). It also focuses on the relationship with your co-workers which is kinda great because you get to see people that are similar to your everyday office life.


Ahn Min Hyuk & Do Bong Soon (Park Hyung Sik & Park Bo Young) – LET US SAIL THIS SHIP, PEOPLE! They look so freakin good together and they are so adorable. These two gave me a heart attack everytime they have those sweet scenes together. I swear they love to ad-lib; I can see it in their eyes and their reactions.  (spoiler) If you can remember the scene with the ramen, I saw Bo Young look at the camera one moment and I know in my heart that, that particular scene is an ad-lib. I was able to see some making videos too (HERE) and some other one and they really take good care of each other both on screen and off screen. Their chemistry is so good that I wish that it was real. I hope they can star in another drama or maybe even a movie together.

In Gook Du & Do Bong Soon (Ji Soo & Park Bo Young) – This pairing is okay. I decided to put it here because let’s admit, even though Gook Du sees her as a friend, he worries about her a lot which is kinda is amazing and SPOILER ALERT! He’s been crushing on her since high school too. I wanted to ship this because they’re just too damn cute together but both of them really just had a bad timing and well it just wasn’t meant to be for them to be lovers but they’re still good friends.

In Gook Do & Ahn Min Hyuk (Ji Soo & Park Hyung Sik) – The pair that I love! I can not even begin how much fun I had watching these two. They are so cute whenever they bicker. It’s so uncommon seeing rivals like this, helping each other out and not trying to kill one another. I love how they just went from being enemies to frenemies to actually being good friends. 

Secretary Kong & Oh Dol Byung (Jun Suk Ho & Kim Won Hae) – Oh my goodness!!! The adorable that this couple has produced is surprising. I don’t know when their pairing began tbh but they’re so cute whenever they have a scene together because it’s just very unusual. I also like that Dol Byung is an LGBTQ character (FINALLY). Dramas before are not like this and they do limit having characters like this and I’m just so happy that they’re very open now. Life is so much better when you have LGBTQ friends, family and drama characters.

My thoughts: 5/5. It’s a very good drama. Aside from the story, I love the fact that they were promoting GIRL POWER like the legit stuff. I’m not saying that the other ones are not but this one really stood out for me because she really gave the guys in this drama a run for their money. The inclusion of an LGBTQ character really closed the deal for me because it gave color to the drama.

The story was fun and it had the right amount of romance, drama and it even talked about the value of family, friendship and of course love.

Hope y’all have seen this drama. If you have, let me know what your favourite scenes are. If not, do give this drama a try, I promise you, you’ll love it. Happy Watching ^^v

== This drama is long overdue. I know, I’m sorry. I’ll try my best to keep up with the dramas that are currently airing :). Also, I have a domain now (yaaay!). Thanks so much for sticking out, lovely people. ==

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