[Movie Review] Our Times

mv5bnjyzotvkmjqtzty1my00mzjllwe5nmqtzwe5ngy4njzkmmq0xkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynjq1otawmzc-_v1_Hello, my dears! Happy 2018 and happy year of the dog. I am just passing by to give you a movie review that has been stuck in my drafts for how many months now. So, this movie I just randomly saw on my Facebook feed as a compilation of some sort and it caught my eye so I watched the 5-minute clip. Fortunately, the title was in the comments section so I watched the movie the next day.

Cast: Vivian Sung as Lin Chen-hsin (林真心), Darren Wang as Hsu Tai-yu (徐太宇), Dino Lee as Ouyang Fei-fan (歐陽非凡), Dewi Chien as Tao Min-min (陶敏敏).

Story:  Well it’s a high school romance once again. The story basically revolves around Lin Chen-hsin and Hsu Tai-yu. They were kinda brought together by faith and by a chain letter. Their relationship took a whirlwind ride from there as they form a friendship despite how they met. Now, I won’t spoil what will happen to them but let’s just say that it involves study dates and surprises.

Also, I should mention that Jerry Yan and Joe Chen makes a cameo in this movie as well and I did fangirl a lot when I saw Jerry there. I was transported back to my teen years and had to pause my video to just whisper scream since it was like 3am when I watched this movie.

My thoughts: I loved this movie! It gave me nostalgia and I remembered my high school years and how it wasn’t as exciting as theirs. The romance part was super good, it was predictable but at the end, you end up being surprised still because of how everything turned out. It’s basically a cliffhanger even when the movie ended because I ended up wanting to find out what happened to them after the last scene. It was just a feel-good movie that made me all tingly inside. It had the perfect about of action, drama, and comedy as well.

I know it’s a little short, I just don’t want to spoil so much because it’ll ruin your movie experience. Do check this movie out if you haven’t and let me know what you think ^^v. Happy Watching ~

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