Thank You!

Hello wonderful people!
First I want to thank you for being so patient with me. I really owe this thing to all of you who’s been commenting, reading what I post here and also waiting till I really post one. So, I know I haven’t been updating you lately and I know I needed to write more but I’ve just had so much on my hands. Despite the fact that I am working, I really do want to escape from the Kdrama world for a while.

Now, during that very long semi-hiatus of mine, something amazing happened. If you haven’t noticed, this little badge here:

has been hanging out my side bar for quite some time and well it’s because SeoulfulAngel made it to the Top 75 Korean Drama Blogs List (I believe it’s #67).

I literally cried when I found out and I was riding in a grab car that time and I wanted to do it discreetly but ended up tearing up. I was quiet but I’m still tearing up, thankfully it was real late in the evening and the road that we were on was pretty dark.

So there you go! I want to thank everyone for this and this blog really wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for you, your comments and your suggestions. so Big Big thank you! I promise to do my part and be a better writer. I don’t promise you a post every month but I promise you content that’s honest and true to me and my views. So please, I ask more of that patience from you.

If you want to check out the whole list, you can check it out HERE.

Thank you again for the love! I love you all so much!!

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