[Personal Review] She Was Pretty


I have been avoiding this drama as far as I can avoid it. I know that sounds a bit rude but I have my reasons for doing so. First, this was Siwon’s last drama before he enlisted and I have this “I don’t want to see him off” idea when I heard about that news. Second, DEATH VIA LEADING MEN and Lastly, FEELS. When I heard about this drama early 2016 I was working in a magazine company and I was a little scared that I “might” be too absorbed in the drama. Yeah. That’s just me.

Cast: Before I begin this post. I would like to warn you that this will include fanfirling and emotional attachment LOL. I just stopped watching hwarang at this point because the story felt a little too much for me so yes, again please bear with me here. Park Seo Joon as Ji Sung Joon; Okay before I begin with this, can I just admire the fact that he already served his military service before he pursued his acting which was a brilliant idea because that way he doesn’t need to think about it while going through his career and such. This man, I first saw in Running Man and I fell in love. He was such an amazing sport and he had this comedic side to him and that to me was like “he’s handsome and he’s funny, omfg he’s perfect” however I have not had a chance to see his acting till Hwarang. I did have a few expectations since his performance in Hwarang is above average and I do have to say that it met with my expectations since he was amazing in this drama. He pulled off the chemistry between him and the lead actress and the chemistry between Siwon’s character as well. He portrayed the role well and I think that he gave the character an additional unf whenever he’s being romantic. Choi Si Won as Kim Shin Hyuk; Probably the hardest one to get over LOL. I LOVED SIWON’S CHARACTER IN THIS DRAMA. Every time I cry, it’s because of him and his lines… dear goodness… it was impossible not to be affected by them. I also loved how he gave life to the character and I mean I haven’t seen Siwon act since his first drama so this was a big surprise for me. He looked a bit odd since the character that he plays has this constant emotional change. One minute he’s the fun guy and then the next minute he becomes this serious, emotional and dramatic dude. I love how he could change his emotions that quick and really, it was excellent. Hwa Jung Eum as Kim Hye Jin; Okay, now this is my first drama of hers so I did’t have a basis for her acting. I actually found her character really great, she was also able to pull off the comedic side of her character. I also admire the changes that she had to go through just to pull off the look of her character in the drama. I did see some clips of Kill Me, Heal Me but I’m not sure if I want to see it LOL. I haven’t seen Ji Sung in a drama and I really want to see him act so I’m still debating. Of course we can not forget Go Joon Hee as Min Ha Ri; This woman you really can not afford to hate because she just fell in love with the person she’s not supposed to fall in love with. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with falling in love it’s just that the person she fell in love with has complicated s%#! to deal with. I admire this woman as well because she did a great performance in the drama. She went through changes, found what she really loved and she changed for the betterment of her self and for her well being… well as far as her character goes.

Story: The story of this is kinda like your typical story a person who was a pretty leading lady with two leading men. However, this one is a bit special because as she grew older her looks faded and she became this girl who’s hair gets frizzier as it rains. Now, won’t spoil so much of it because it’s such a good story and I don’t even what to tell you what’s the real story line here. What I can say is that, it’s such a good story and it’s really fun to follow especially Siwon’s character.


Ji Sung Joon & Kim Hye Jin (Park Seo Joon & Hwa Jung Eum) – Alright, how do I even begin explaining my love for these two without spoiling everything about this drama. First, they look good together lets just put it at that. Second, they were really meant for each other even from the beginning of the drama I knew there was something about these two that would really melt my heart. Third, their love hate relationship is too adorable to handle like REAL adorable since they have these feeling that they keep on denying even though we know that there’s this IST (invisible sexual tension) between them. As actors, I believe they were able to work together in Kill Me, Heal Me (and I have yet to see that drama) and I think being familiar with each other really helped them with the natural feeling of the chemistry. They really did make a cute couple together and I was so happy when they finally ended up with each other and SPOILER ALERT: When he found out that she was indeed the Kim Hye Jin that he was looking for but like this was a bittersweet moment for me because omg Shin Hyuk. 

Kim Shin Hyuk & Kim Hye Jin/ Jackson (Choi Siwon & Hwa Jung Eum) – This one is very special to me. Like I really wanted this ship to sail so bad but like it’s just impossible since we know what it’s like in kdrama land, the second lead rarely gets the girl. Anyway Shin Hyuk made me cry a couple of times with his antics and his lines omg. They were so beautifully written and delivered. SPOILER ALERT: related to the previous spoiler. Shin Hyuk was there when Hye Jin took the Sung Joon’s call and like he heard that Sung Joon knows about Hye Jin being the Hye Jin that he was looking for and I forgot what Shin Hyuk said exactly but he was all like “Don’t go, please. I’m here” or something in the lines of that and like I felt in his voice that he was really desperate. I mean he did have a point about seeing Jackson when no one really saw her at all and he was the one who’s there when she needed someone so I really can not blame the dude for being like that but he seriously made me cry… not tear up but legit cry a couple of times.

Ji Sung Joon & Kim Shin Hyuk (Park Seo Joon & Choi Siwon) – BROMANCE ALERT! Okay I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of Siwon’s acting career till this drama. I’ve seen his debut drama and it was great but the other ones didn’t really appeal to me that much. Now, this one I have to say really made me flutter in a way because of how he was with Park Seo Joon. They were so fun to watch and the interaction of their characters went from anger to jealousy to rivals and then finally to being friends and in the end SPOILER ALERT: Shin Hyuk relied on Sung Joon in exposing his secret and Sung Joon being a good friend wanted to protect him and not really give in to what the public says but, being the person that he is, he wants his friend’s reputation and career to be saved even if it means sacrificing something that he’s been protecting for quite some time. It was just so good to watch and knowing that even though they’re rivals they still think about each other.

My thoughts: 4.5/5. Good drama, really good. It had all the elements of a good drama which is comedy, romance and even mystery. It was a great watch and I have to admit that I did watch some clips right after and I didn’t regret doing that. Although the ending is kinda short, I sorta wanted more but I think it sufficed since the story itself is really intense. I really recommend this drama, it is a really good watch it was so much fun and I promise you that you will really laugh.

Happy Watching ^^v

3 thoughts on “[Personal Review] She Was Pretty

  1. i became a fan of choi siwon immediately after the show!! tbh, didn’t even know he was from suju LMAO. just really loved his acting so much. REELING IN FROM THE SECOND LEAD SYNDROME….

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