[Personal Review] Goblin


PEOPLE! PEOPLE! PEOPLE! Before I begin my review for this drama, let me just say that I am still recovering from a drama hangover or Post Drama Syndrome. You know that I am a big fan of Gong Yoo because of my mom so when I read that he was returning to drama land with Kim Eun Sook’s work (Writer; Descendants of the Sun, Heirs, etc.) I was so excited because at that time, I was still in the Descendants hangover. To add to my excitement, they revealed that Lee Dong Wook will be joining the cast and I love that man to bits because he is just AMAZING; so obviously I told myself that I would be watching this drama and praying that it would be a hit. Now, I usually am not a fan of waiting but these past few months, I kinda am watching drama the whole week like but after Weightlifting ended I only had Mondays and Tuesdays for Hwarang and weekends for Goblin and I was planning on waiting for episode 4 to air before I watch this but my sister was being very persuasive so we ended up seeing the first 2 episodes on that sunday and the rest is history.

Cast: I do have to warn you that this part of my blog will include fangirling, a lot of it. Gong Yoo as Kim Shin/Goblin; HE’S BACK! Oh he is so back. I think 2016 was the year of Gong Yoo since his projects were a big hit. Train to Busan was amazing and I don’t even like zombies to begin with. Gong Yoo is a hell of a good actor, I think we are all aware of that because his performance from 2007 still affects most of the people in the Kdrama world and many of the people I know started with Coffee Prince before it escalated into something much worse. His portrayal of Goblin is something that I was not prepared for, I was expecting a more sadistic or like more dark tone but he made being a Goblin a bit understandable and light. Lee Dong Wook as Grim Reaper/Kim Woo Bin; I read somewhere that Dong Wook actually worked hard for him to get this role and he did great. That dark aura and bitterness that screams death is what he portrayed and I think he did one heck of a job. It had that similarity with his character in Hotel King but this one was even darker and much more complicated. Kim Go Eun as Ji Eun Tak/Goblin’s Bride; This lady, I have never heard of ever in my kdrama watching years and this is my first time seeing her and I am so happy that it had to be Goblin. I LOVE HER in this drama! (and she was my inspiration for my new hair LOLs) she was so cute but at the same time very good at crying. I did a BG check on her and saw that she won Best New Actress awards when on her FIRST movie…Insane! I immediately expected something big from her when I read that bit of information and boy, she delivered. She really did. Yoo In Na as Sunny; It was nice to see her again! Her performance in You Who Came left an impression on me. She isn’t a stranger since she was in Secret Garden as well and I like her acting since most of her characters aren’t that different from each other and she has this swag of portraying her roles. I always love her acting and she does it real smooth. Yook Sung Jae as Yoo Deok Hwa; Idols who act are usually up my alley since I know that they can have a career in acting if you know, time gets to their idol years. They can’t be idols forever, it seems like a very difficult job dancing and practicing all the time. Seeing his performance, I think he can have a successful acting career too aside from his singing career. I do have to spoil some beans that his character will have a tiny surprise in the drama that you have to look out for.

Story: I will try to limit my spoilers for this one but still, I cannot keep my promise. This story revolves around Goblin or Kim Shin. In the old days ( Joseon era? not sure) he is this mighty General that never loses a war. A “something” then occurs and he dies and then the gods then pulled him from the grave and he is alive again but becomes this Goblin who has a sword pierced through his chest. Now, the thing is he can’t die unless he finds his bride that can pull that sword and let him return to ashes.

Weirdly enough, he finds himself having a Grim Reaper for a house mate and after all the magic wars and stuff, they eventually become friends. There. I think that covers most of the plots in this drama. I don’t want to spill a lot mainly because it’s difficult to explain and I don’t want to spoil the good parts of the drama.


Kim Shin/ Goblin & Ji Eun Tak/ Goblin’s Bride (Gong Yoo & Kim Go Eun) – So, here we are. Please bear with me here because I tend to really go at it when I ship pairings. There will be some spoilers in this part of my post, may I remind you.

Goblin who is 900+ years old finally found his bride in the form of this highschool girl, Eun Tak. I have to be honest, I have this thing with older men like I usually like actors who are like years older than I am and I find them real handsome but Eun Tak and Goblin are like centuries apart, if you count the years. What made me really love this couple is that Goblin didn’t really plan on getting himself involved with this bride because he really just needs her to take that stupid blade out. However, the longer he spends time with her, the more he doesn’t want to die because he is falling in love with her.

Gong Yoo, who perfected the art of kissing. My goodness. How do I begin. Gong Yoo and Go Eun really did a HELL of a job at this. They were amazing and the more I watched them, the more I fall in love. The way they look at each other is questioning because like their eyes shout “[sorry for the language] shit, I love this person” and you don’t see that often in dramas. It’s either they are amazing actors or like they actually had to tell themselves “you love this person”. They were great and I ship them so much. LOL. Credits also to Kim Go Eun for matching Gong Yoo’s amazing kissing skills. Girl, you are one lucky bird for having the chance to kiss Gong Yoo like that. Really shipping them too and I also read some rumors that these two were overly sweet on set and at that after party. Hmmmmm…

Grim Reaper/ Kim Woo Bin & Sunny (Lee Dong Wook & Yoo In Na) – My shipper heart has really reached its final run because of these two. THEY ARE DESTINED to be together and I’m not just saying that because they really are destined to be together in the drama as well. Off screen, they are the cutest because they have good chemistry and she calls him “oppa” and I’m like “OHHHHHHH😁”. I swear this drama will be the death of me if I watch it again because the couples are ships you want to sail forever and ever. I want to elaborate more on this couple but they are the ones you have to look out for because how they’re intertwined is SUPER fun to watch.

Goblin & Grim Reaper (Gong Yoo & Lee Dong Wook) – BROMANCE!!! My oppars, dear goodness these two are the cutest and they bicker like an old married couple. The way they are at the beginning of the drama is super funny because they’re like tom and jerry but as the drama progressed, they now formed this friendship. HOWEVER! Someone will find out that the other one is not who he thinks he is HAHA. To those who have seen this will know who I’m talking about. But, despite that bit of information, they will mature and end up being good friends and wish each other all the best.

They also are the most handsome pair to fight off evil! dear goodness, if they show up out of no where, I would probably die from all the feels.

Yoo Deok Hwa & Uncles (Yook Sung Jae, Gong Yoo & Lee Dong Wook) – The poor chaebol and his non human uncles. I kinda took pity on this kid because it seems like he doesn’t know what’s happening around him but HE HAS A SECRET! which you will find out in the drama. When they’re together I can help but laugh my butt off because when they’re together they only bring laughter to the scene. Deok Hwa is such a gullible character that balances out the darkness of his uncles.

My Thoughts: If it’s not obvious enough, let me throw in sprinkles to this post. I LOVED IT. I really do. 2016 brought me amazing dramas and I cannot thank you enough. Despite all the bad of the 2016 I think it came through from all the dramas that it laid out on the table. I dunno, I can’t begin to explain how I love this drama because I might spill most of the story but yeah. Me and my sister have been watching clips of this drama almost everyday. And we can not get over it, I think her hangover is worse than mine because she’s trying so hard to resist but today will be her 3rd day re-watching episodes 15 and 16.

I am telling all of you now that this will be worth the watch. It had all the elements of a fantasy drama and the cast is phenomenal. The story isn’t a let down too and it’ll keep you wanting more once you start. I think that the ones who have seen this will agree with me that you will experience a rollercoaster of emotions watching this drama. Also, do prepare tissues toward the end of the drama because you will need it :). Who else is excited to watch the special episodes next week? because I am! Happy Watching to us! ^^v

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