[Personal Review] Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

weightlifting-fairy-kim-bok-joo-posterFINALLY! Finally! I am dying to write this review. The story of how I came to watch this drama is pretty weird actually; I have been getting my copy of this episode together with Legend of the Blue Sea but I watched legend first because of Jun Ji Hyun. I have been seeing clips of this drama ever since it aired and when I saw that episode 12 clip, I knew I had to see the drama. I marathon-ed all 13 episodes, overnight and caught up just in time of the release of episode 14.I literally stopped watching Legend because I was addicted to this drama!!

Cast: The cast for this drama is super-duper fun! I had an amazing time watching this because everybody has a comedic bone. I am familiar with our 2 leads and some of the cast members which makes it a bit easy for me to be absorbed into the story. I do have to warn you that this post may consist of slight fangirling. Ladies first! Lee Sung Kyung as Kim Bok Joo; This lady made an impact last time I saw her in Doctors. She was very mean in that drama but at least her character mellowed down as the drama progressed. In this one, she was very bubbly and I saw that side of her that I haven’t seen before. She was cool and funny and she made me smile so hard. Also, the behind the scenes clips showed that her personality isn’t that far from the character that she’s playing. Nam Joo Hyuk as Jung Joon Hyung; Let me calm down first before I even start with this man. (deep breaths). This is the first time that I’ve seen him in a drama but it doesn’t mean that I had no idea that he exists. I saw him in School 2015, for a bit since I just watched whatever is in KBS World at like 2 in the morning, he was super adorbs in AKMU’s MVs and I think I saw him in Running Man a few years ago. To be honest, I hardly remember his face because HE COMPLETELY CHANGED. I was not able to recognize him. He looked to innocent and pure before but now it’s like he’s been munching on testosterone and gulping man juice 😱😱. Back to the drama, I didn’t have a basis for his acting that much so I relied on my feels for this. I adore his character in this drama because it’s my perfect imagination of how I want my boyfriend to be. I love that phase where he’s getting stressed about helping her, getting worried about her and getting angry because of her and then one day he just realizes that he is in fact in love with her. Even finding her strength and appetite, sexy. I mean who doesn’t want a man like that in your life? RIGHT?
Now, lets move to his brother/cousin; Lee Jae Yoon as Jung Jae Yi; The first victim of that wonderful question, “Do you like Messi?” or as I call him Dr. Oppa. He was too cute in this drama just because he has no idea that Bok Joo has feelings for him nor his friend. He’s that typical first crush that you have where you’re too obvious that you like him yet he shows no response but he’s TOO caring for you to misunderstand his actions and blush because he’s too considerate of you. Yes, I did have those experiences too and well, my ending isn’t that different as Bok Joo’s but mine didn’t have a swimmer for little brother/cousin. I am a big fan of him now because he was ADORABLE towards the end of this drama and it was fun to see him being the one that chases the love of his life. Lastly, we have Kyung Soo Jin as Song Shi Ho; I love how effective she was as a villain but when her character became nice, you will love her. I really don’t know what to say to her because I haven’t seen her in other dramas and her character in this one did a big part in the story.

Story: This is like a coming of age drama as I would like to call it. It’s about Bok Joo and her life as a college student, an athlete and a teenager. It focuses mainly on Bok Joo and the people around her. As I have said, Kim Bok Joo is a weightlifter and she goes into this athlete college. She’s this girl who really isn’t a bully but she doesn’t like injustice. So along the way she meets her former classmate, Jung Joon Hyung in the same school because he is in there, training to be a swimmer. I really don’t want to go into detail about the story because I might spoil a lot.

Okay, what I like about this drama is the flow of it the genre. It isn’t too heavy on the sad scenes however it isn’t overly sweet as well. I love the balance of everything because it takes me back to when I was still in school. The first love, my friends, enemies who eventually become friends to you, the crushes and those friends who eventually become someone special and the change of feeling that you have for that person. Sadly, my college life isn’t that colorful since I went to an all girls institution LOL but it might have been like that if I have gone to a co-ed school. But yeah. all the elements were there and it was super fun to watch! I was smiling every episode and I really didn’t regret binge watching 13 episodes of it.


Kim Bok Joo & Jung Joon Hyung (Lee Sung Kyung & Nam Joo Hyuk) – How to begin? To my surprise, they actually are not strangers to each other because they’re label mates and have been working together in various shoots. They’re under YG (I didn’t know that) and I saw some ads where they appear together and another thing is that they were in Cheese in the Trap together (which I haven’t seen). I found their chemistry perfect, they are so comfortable with each other and well it’s just a match made in athlete college heaven. At first I was excited how they’ll end up together, I think I got bored at one episode but then Joon Hyung showed signs that he was falling for her and he didn’t even know till his friend told him. SO CUTE! There was this one scene where Tae Kwon was asking him why he likes Bok Joo, “She’s too strong and she eats a lot” he said and then what Joon Hyung replied really made my heart flutter to the point that I kissed my screen, I think he said “I think she’s sexy” or something. I can’t find a clip and I can’t remember what episode that was. but yeah. I did have some of my favorite moments and also, did you know that they ad-libbed a kiss? It was where she was motivating him to workout. It was just… -sighs-.

These two are my ultimate couple goals because they support each other a lot and they’re like vitamins for each other and I would love to have that kind of relationship too. 😀

Kim Bok Joo & Jung Jae Yi (Lee Sung Kyung & Lee Jae Yoon) – Where the phrase, “Do you like Messi?” was used and became popular. These two might work out but didn’t. I had such high hopes for these two but when I found out that he is a doctor of a slimming clinic, my hopes were crushed. To be perfectly honest, Jae Yi looked like Kim Jong Kook to be at first so I was hesitant into shipping our main lead to him but he seemed kind, however he’s sorta stupid for not recognizing that Bok Joo likes him. Still, they became good friends and ***** (not gonna say) so it’s all good.

Jung Jae Yi & Go Ah Young (Lee Jae Yoon & Yoo Da In) – My heart for these two! DEAR GOODNESS. As much as I love Jae Yi’s character, he really deserved to chase Ah Young just because. The poor girl must have suffered so much when Jae Yi doesn’t get her true intentions but in the end, they finally got together.

Jo Tae Kwon & Lee Seon Ok (Ji Il Joo & Lee Joo Young) – [We have the same name! YAY! Jsyk, Lee Joo Young is my Korean Name and I love using it so much that I use it as my pen name too ^^] First, I had false accusations for these two LOL. I thought both of them were gay omfg I am so sorry but yeah that was my first impression. When Tae Kwon dressed up as a cheerleader, I sorta confirmed it but then BOOM he asks Seon Ok out for a movie. EVERYTHING CHANGED. I dunno, for me they look cute together and It came as a surprise. I do want to see more of them tho.

My Thoughts: I dunno how to rate this drama anymore to be honest. I was a little sad because the ratings were not that high and it had a LOT of potential for me. It also had life lessons that you wouldn’t get from anywhere. What really got me was episode 12 when Bok Joo’s dad was in the hospital and she discovered all his assets under her name, that did it for me. I bawled my eyes out in that episode because it makes you realize things that you take for granted like parents and their love for you. You’re embarrassed when they visit you in school and stuff but then when you have that moment when they’re almost taken away from you, you recall all that and ask yourself “why did I do that?”.

I will definitely watch this again, if given the chance. It is definitely a feel good drama for me and I love it to bits. Also, check out my favourite moments from this drama: HERE. I am having major hangover for this drama but at the same time, I’m curing it by watching Goblin. Have you guise seen this drama? If yes, what did you think? If however, you haven’t seen it, I suggest that you give it a go! Happy Watching ^^v

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