Kdrama OST (Pt.2)


Hello lovely people! It’s been a little over 2 years since my last OST post and well, a lot of dramas passed and I thought that it’s about time that I make a new list of songs that I got addicted to. Some of them might include songs from my last post because I roll like that LOL and some will be a bit old since I will be starting from the dramas that weren’t covered by my past post.Joo’s Korean Drama OST Faves Part 2! The ones in BOLD are the the ones that gave me LSS and the ones in this COLOR are the ones that I am currently addicted to. Enjoy 😄

  • 그 애 (愛) – 정엽 [Doctors]
  • You – Ben [Healer]
  • 잠은 다 잤나봐요- Soyou & Yoo SeungWoo [Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds]
  • Love is Over – Baek Ji Young [Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds]
  • 다정하게, 안녕히 – Sung Shi Kyung [Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds]
  • Darling U – Kim Tae Woo & Ben [Oh My Venus]
  • 그런 사람 – Lyn & Shin Yong Jae (Duet Ver.) [Oh My Venus]
  • 그런 사람 – Shin Yong Jae (Man Ver.) [Oh My Venus]
  • 그런 사람 – Lyn (Woman Ver.) [Oh My Venus]
  • 아리송해 – Juvie of Sunny Hill and Jang Yi Jung of HISTORY [Sensory Couple]
  • 우연히 봄 (Acoustic Ver.)- Loco and Yoo Joo of GFRIEND [Sensory Couple]
  • 5분만 더 – NC.A , YANO  and Sang Do of Topp Dogg [Sensory Couple]
  • 저기요 – Jelly Cookie [Sensory Couple]
  • 그대라서 – The One [Hotel King]
  • 기다려본다 – Melody Day [Hotel King]
  • 사랑일까? – J Rabbit [Discovery of Love]
  • 너무 보고싶어 – Acoustic Collabo [Discovery of Love]
  • Love Therapy – Na Yoon Kwon ft. Han Yeri [1% of Something 2016]*
  • I Want You Bad – Lee Hae In and Baek Seung Hoon [1% of Something 2016]
  • Popcorn – Sung Shi Kyung [1% of Something 2016]*
  • Always – Yoon Mi Rae [Descendants of the Sun]
  • Everytime – Chen and Punch [Descendants of the Sun]
  • 말해! 뭐해? – K. Will [Descendants of the Sun]
  • You Are My Everything – Gummy [Descendants of the Sun]
  • How Can I Love You – Xiah Junsu [Descendants of the Sun]
  • For You – BTOB [Cinderella and Four Knights]
  • 고백 – SinB of GFRIEND feat. Shi Jin of BTOB [Cinderella and Four Knights]
  • Love Story – Lyn [Legend of the Blue Sea]
  • 어디선가 언젠가 – Sung Shi Kyung [Legend of the Blue Sea]
  • Stay With Me – Chanyeol and Punch [Goblin]
  • 내 눈에만 보여 – 10cm [Goblin]
  • Beautiful – Crush [Goblin]
  • 죽어도 너야 – V and Jin of BTS [Hwarang]
  • 너 아니면 안돼 – Yesung [Cinderella Sister] 
  • All for You – Seo In Guk & Eunji [Reply 1997]

So, more OSTs for me as my dramas progress. I also took on the drama, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book Joo last week and I think I went through 13 episodes overnight LOL. I actually have it on hold and I get it a few hours after it airs. I finally decided to give it a try since I paused on Legend of The Blue Sea for a little while. Anyway. Here are my additional songs for this list;

  • You&I – Kim Jong Wan of NELL [Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book Joo]
  • 앞으로 – Kim Min Seung [Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book Joo]
  • 꿈꾼다 – Han Hee Jung [Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book Joo]
  • 하루에 하나씩 – Park Yoon Ha [Legend of the Blue Sea]
  • 만 보여 – Wendy and SEUL GI of Red Velvet [Hwarang]
  • 이쁘다니까 – Eddy Kim [Goblin]

*These songs aren’t really part of an OST compilation however, they were played in the drama so I just included them in the list. 

I don’t really have a lot of songs this time because I really didn’t watch that many dramas till like a few months ago. Also, some dramas are not included here because I really didn’t like the OSTs that much or it hasn’t appealed to me just yet. An update  of this post might be in order if I ever a new song appeals to me.

Lastly, I felt the need to state my current addictions because when I do like a song, I play it till I’m sick of it. As I write this post, Beautiful by Crush is playing on repeat and I think this is the 4th day that it’s been like that. I hope that you give these songs a listen and if you have some of your fave OSTs that aren’t in this post, please by all means drop them at the comments for me and I shall give them a listen. [P.S. I’m still addicted to Beautiful]

🎄Happy Christmas🎄

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