[Personal Review] 1% of Something (2016)


I have been itching to watch this drama but seeing that it had like 35 mins per episode, I had to practice control because I know that I will be hanging on a cliff after every episode if I gave in. I did see some clips on youtube to not forget about this drama but it was a very wrong decision to watch and re-watch those clips.

I didn’t see the original one but I definitely heard of it and what it was about however I didn’t bother watching it because of some reasons that I didn’t know back then but I am still open to seeing it since I read that some people like the original one better than the remake and some vise versa.

Cast: The cast isn’t that vast since the only people that they focused on is our main leads. So I will be focusing on them and elaborate on the other characters in my pairings (shich will be a pretty hefty list). Let’s start off with our main man, Ha Seok Jin as  Lee Jae In; I asked myself why I haven’t seen this man anywhere and the answer is “I don’t know” haha. I looked at his filmography and like told myself “Why haven’t I heard about these dramas?” and to be perfectly honest, I felt bad for not seeing them because if I have, I would have known him sooner. He isn’t a stranger to me tho, I was able to see him on Problematic Man and Running Man and I have to admit, his brain isn’t something that you would want to mess with. Now, how he portrayed Lee Jae In was cool, I swear he definitely looked the part and I also liked how he was fit for the traits of Jae In. He also has that CEO feel to him which I think is what makes him suitable for Jae In as well. Jeon So Min  as Kim Da Hyun/ Kim Dada; Same as our leading man, I also have no idea that this woman exists to be honest but after I saw this drama, I know that I am going to look forward to her future works. SSnim (seon saeng nim, teacher in english) isn’t that bad either in how she portrayed Dada, she’s the sort of goodie two shoes at first but is hiding her inner tiger when she’s aggravated. Also, scenes where she and Seok Jin needed to be sweet were just perfect and didn’t look awkward at all.

Story: The story of this is very simple, Lee Jae In is a chaebol and to inherit his grandfather’s fortune and have control over the company, he has to marry the girl named Kim Da Hyun. Now, Kim Da Hyun is a teacher and she somehow get’s involved with the CEO of SH Group. Eventually the two met and they hated each other, what will happen is actually fun to watch so I will skip almost all the details in here but if you’re up for some SPOILERS, do read on.

The story is what I can call a typical drama set up since I like it’s similar to the set up in Full House and Kim Sam Soon (sort of…) but in their case, they settled for a 6mos dating contract with clauses like “should not meet other people while in the contract” and that they “should not fall for the other person” which we all know they broke towards their 3rd or 4th month. The set up was okay for me however, the timeline was a bit confusing since like on one episode they have like 3 more month and then like a few episodes after they have like 2 weeks so that was a little surprising for me. But all in all it was great. I loved it and I love how simple it is and how it’s full of lessons and whatnot it’s definitely a feel good drama in my opinion because I mean how could you not love a drama that revolves around two people falling in love, right?


Lee Jae In & Kim Da Hyun (Ha Seok Jin & Jeon So Min) – I cannot even begin how I am going to explain my love for these two. Everything that concerns them is a treat for me to be honest. Their hate turned love relationship is what hooked me and the little things that they do to each other is just the cutest. I especially like the scenes where they would get jealous because it’s too adorable.

vid cr: Dramafever

but then we have those scenes that aren’t for the faint of heart HERE, HERE, HERE, and some sweet ones HERE and HERE. I am telling you, I did my fair share of re watching the clips that are linked above and I still am undergoing hangover for this drama. The one thing I noticed as well was how natural they were in some scenes that involve any type of skinship. **ALSO, I don’t know why I totally forgot this very important detail but yeah I noticed that Jae In is a damn good kisser as well (REALLY, IDEK WHY I FORGOT THAT LITTLE DETAIL) and you might hate me for this but he’s coming close to the “Main Men of Kisses” like our Goblin, Gong Yoo and my baby, Jung Il Woo (and yes I read all the articles about him enlisting and having this illness as well.) It’s a refresher and it’s a sight to watch too when there’s movement when the actors kiss in dramas which is a little rare. 

Min Tae Ha & Jung Hyun Jin (Kim Hyeong Min & Im Do Yoon) – This couple is very unexpected since who would have thought that the best friend and the cousin would end up  dating in the process? I would’ve loved seeing more of them in the story and I think that they would be great if they would see each other in the most unusual instances.

Ji Soo & Soo Jung (Baek Seung Hoon& Lee Hae In) – Surprise! It’s the sister and the idol. THIS ONE was too cute to be true. I noticed in the drama was Soo Jung was a big fan of Ji Soo and like my heart skipped a beat when they danced together. Oh how I would love seeing them together with an addition of the over protective brother, Jae In.

My Thoughts: 4.5/5. but all in all this drama is for the books. I AM IN LOVE WITH IT right now. It’s my go to drama whenever I have panic attacks and when I feel the need to relax and ease up. I gave it a 4.5 because I don’t know it feels like there’s something missing from the whole thing and I can’t put my finger on it. The story is great because it was about changes and I adore the line that they said it’s like 1% coincidence and 99% fate/destiny. It really shows that change can really happen even if it’s a person like Jae In. It was such a good watch (and I still watch it every now and then), still can’t get over it tho.

If you have seen this drama do tell me if you loved it and if you haven’t seen it, Happy Watching ^^v

3 thoughts on “[Personal Review] 1% of Something (2016)

  1. I find your review very helpful since I just started watching it. Also, the clips you shared were awesome and I can’t wait to watch those episodes. The way you described it as simple and sweet is why I love Korean dramas.<3

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