[Personal Review] Healer


If you don’t know, my weakness in the Kdrama world are 1. Voices (I am a sucker for deep voices people or actors and I am not a fan of dubbed dramas) 2. Smiles (may it be eye smiles or just your normal smile, it has effects) and 3. Height (this is probably more of a personal preference but most of the actors I fangirl are tall and were past models, I actually realized that just now). I have been fighting the urge to watch this drama because of Ji Chang Wook. I saw him briefly in Empress Ki but that was it. I didn’t watch further that an episode because it was too intense for me. Since that day, I knew in my fangirl heart that the man will give me feels and so it did. I am a big fan of Running Man (GARY OPPA;~~~; ) and I was able to see him there and his adorable self and I knew that I would break if I saw him in a drama.

Just to give you a comparison, you know that feeling when you’re falling in love with the lead and like you feel butterflies as the drama progresses, it makes you all giddy and smile out of no where? Now imagine that lead being your boy group bias and you like have been following him for so long and then BOOM he’s a lead in a drama. That’s what I felt. Now, lets get back to me actually reviewing this drama and try not to be that biased.

Cast: The cast for this drama isn’t kidding around. I want to include everybody that I know but I’m afraid that this post might be too long so I’m just going to pick out the ones that I know in the supporting cast. Let’s start of with Kim Mi Kyung as Jo Min Ja/ Hacker Ahjumma; This woman is someone I know by face, I have seen her in countless dramas like Master’s Sun and Missing You and it’s always a delight whenever I see a familiar face in dramas. She’s like the ultimate supporting actress and I honestly am not complaining. Park Sang Myun as Chae Chi Soo; This actor made a mark on me because of his role in My Wife is a Gangster. He was funny as hell in that movie and I watch it whenever I need a good laugh.

Let’s move on to the main cast. Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho; I know I’ve seen him before but I can’t remember what drama was it, I think it was Secret Love… I’m not sure but he is a very good actor and he has this image of a good guy but once he gets mean, boy does he change a lot. His character in Healer enables him to have that bad side to him and I love how immersed he is in his character that it’s believable. Versatile actors are the best to watch to be honest. Par Min Young as Chae Young Shin/ Oh Ji An; I think I have a girl crush on this woman. I love seeing her face and to be honest, she’s not a bad actress as well. I have seen her in Sungkyungkwan and City Hunter and those are in my top 15 dramas (they change as new dramas air, jsyk). I love her character here because she’s fearless but then she has these imperfections like her trauma but even though she has them, she still stands up for what’s right. [SPOILERS] There’s this one episode where she finds out about Jung Hoo’s dad apparently killing her dad and she was all shaking and being awkward with Jung Hoo but then she goes after and tells him that she’ll be waiting for him to come back. It’s just super romantic and it takes a lot of courage for her to just decide believe in him. She portrayed it well and she’s real cute when they have those kilig moments. Ji Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo/ Park Bong Soo/ Healer; Now, I think my intro counts as my intro for this actor. I don’t have anything to compare his acting to except for some bits and pieces of The K2, Empress Ki and Whirlwind Girl 2 (which I will probably not see because you all know I have issues with voices). I think he did okay. I saw some of the scenes from the drama before I even watched it. It kinda dawned on me that he is a good crier and that he can also pull off being funny. Action suits him and his physique and his romantic antics aren’t too bad as well.

Story: The story is obviously about Healer. He is a night courier who gets missions and work through a lady he calls Ahjumma. One day, he gets a mission to get DNA from a lady that will change his life. He then gets more missions that involve the same lady and then he eventually discovers more about her and also about himself. Later, he finds out something about his dad. However, he also discovers love, relationships and friendship that he hasn’t experienced most of his life.

Okay. This drama is probably a little too extreme for me, or maybe it’s just that I really don’t like my lead men being hurt both physically and emotionally. The story was okay, it was a mystery and clues unravel as the drama progresses with is an A+ for me but the EVIL was my goodness, too much for my little fangirl heart. The schemes were too much and that person who is behind all this is just pure evil and he is just too much. I did like it tho, it had a little bit of everything and it, even comedy and adorable stuff. It was the complete package to be honest and I did enjoy myself however I have to admit that I did skip some of the evil plotting parts.


Park Bong Soo/ Seo Jung Hoo/Healer & Chae Yong Shin/ Oh Ji An (Ji Chang Wook & Park Min Young) – You probably know by now how I would react to this. I would try to not fangirl too much but yes they were adorable together and their chemistry is amazing. The actors really did well to be honest and they were really believable like I personally ship them to be honest. Character wise, it was such a cute history, and the relationship between the two went way way back which also touched me since I do love that they end up with their best friends and besides, her parents are friends with his dad and his teacher so all is good.

In another angle, I love that they also formed a friendship and that he trusted her with his entire social life and first shot at the real world. She on the other hand became his blanket and source of courage which made our characters stronger and braver.

Kim Moon Ho & Kang Min Jae (Yoo Ji Tae & Woo Hee Jin) – These two on the other hand are that couple that exists but they don’t. You know there’s something going on between them but the guy has to first, fix his issues and second, put everything in it’s proper place. Well I mean a proposal happened but you know he’s just not ready to move on with his life unless he lets a person meet a person, let another person pay for their sins and the other person to completely trust him. I know, complicated cheese but that is his thing. However, he comes through in the end and fulfills his promise to finally go on with their thing once he fixes the stuff and it wasn’t a complete surprise to me when he showed up with a cup of coffee for her. Adult love, so complicated yet super nice.

My Thoughts: I give this drama a good 4/5. It was good, don’t get me wrong but like I did skip most of the parts because of the evil talk that was too much for me. The romance was well great and plot wise, it was GOOD. Adore the mystery of it and the detective thing stuff and I also love that the cyber crime division was involved. It kinda makes it more legit on the action category. All in all it was a good one and I am happy that I decided to see it. To those who have seen it, did you like it or not? and to those who hasn’t, kindly give this one a try and let me know what you think. 🙂 Happy Watching ^^v

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