[Personal Review] Love in Moonlight /Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds 



I think I need to explain myself because me watching this drama was really unintentional. So, I was skimming through my youtube feed a few months ago and accidentally saw that famous clip of Bogum dancing to “Bombastic” and at that moment, I regretted the fact that I continued to watch that short clip because I instantly fell for him (and that was before discovering his age). Anywhoo, I only know him because he’s a good friend of Joongki and that he’s the one everybody’s been talking about (at that time) because of Reply 1988. After that video, I totally forgot about the drama till a few weeks ago when I saw an episode on TV (episode 9 to be exact) and the rest is history.

It’s been a while since I’ve watched a historical drama. I think the last one I saw was Moon Embracing the Sun and that was way back 2012. I had a few attempts before to watch but the political aspect of it was too much for my faint heart.

Cast: I promise to keep calm while I do this… The cast for this drama was unbelievably young LOL. I didn’t expect them to be that young because I’m used to having leads that are older than me but not in this case. Anyway let’s start from Kim Yoo Jung as Hong Raon /Hong Sam Nom ; This lady, I am very familiar with since well she played Yeon Woo in Moon Embracing and then I saw her in DongYi before. She is quite the actress and she did play this character very very well. Not many can pull off the cross-dressing but she did it with flying colors and she really is too beautiful to be a man. Kwak Dong Yeon as  Kim Byung Yeon; This man is amazing! Them fighting skills are the bomb and if he was my bodyguard, I would probably pull off a Whitney Houston on him, I’m just saying. This young man did his character justice and for his age, he made it look like he has gone through so much and you can really feel the pain and the suffering in his eyes as he try to be loyal to both the one he serves which is the prince and the rebels. He also isn’t a joke when it comes to crying. I remember this one scene were he just cries as he apologizes and man, did I cry with him too. Jung Jin Young as Kim Yoon Sung; Now, this person is indeed beautiful and well, I can’t blame him for calling himself that because he speaks of the truth. His character is probably best described as a masochist. His love for Raon is undeniable as he goes beyond everything (even his family) just for her safety and if that doesn’t show love then I don’t know what does. Jinyoung did a great job as Yoon Sung and it really showed that he was one with his character.Park Bo Gum as Lee Young/Crown Prince; Okay, it is an understatement to call this man handsome because he is beautiful. I swear he shines like a bright star whenever I get to see him in interviews and appearances. Prior to seeing the drama, I was able to watch him in 1N2D and he is completely different from what I have been seeing in the drama. He played this playful prince and then suddenly he gets serious by the minute. His crying abilities are not kidding, (SPOILER) I remember this scene from episode 15 (… I think) where Raon points a knife at him and she says these things that he knows are lies and you see his eyes watering up and then he goes something like “I told you that I will believe anything you say, even if they’re lies” and he cuts the friggin bracelet of destiny and I am left into pieces just bawling my eyes out because you can see the hurt in his eyes.

Story: The story revolves around Raon, Crown Prince Lee Young and their intertwined fates. It basically is your typical boy falls for the girl who’s dressed as a boy plot however, the complication that they need to face is their parents’ pasts. The only difference to this thing is that we’re dealing with Royalty that’s mixed with cross dressing and that hasn’t happened before (as far as I’m concerned) so it’s a new thing for me to watch.

As I have said, this drama is very new to me. It has also been a while since I’ve seen/ watched a historical drama. What I like about this one is that it’s the typical yet it’s not so common. What I’m trying to say is that it has a lot of surprises and twists that you would not find in your typical historical drama. It definitely had the power crave thing story line down to a tee, the sword fights and the disguises and the spies but it also had that forbidden love and also the class difference. Last time I watched, I remember that the leading lady comes from a family where her dad is a scholar.


Lee Young & Hong Raon/ Sam Nom (Park Bo Gum & Kim Yoo Jung) – Guise, how to explain and actually tell you why I love this pairing? I honestly don’t know. I love them because they are too adorable and they’re willing to do anything for each other. He’s willing to give up anything for her and she would do anything in her power just to help him and protect his name. Their chemistry is there and they look good onscreen. I’m so glad that they’re fun off screen as well, I think it helps too with their characters. How can we forget the famous “I will not allow it” and “he is my person” line (it sounds better in Korean tho) that officially proclaimed that he is indeed in love with our infamous eunuch.

Kim Yoon Sung & Hong Raon (Jin Young & Kim Yoo Jung) – This one broke my heart to pieces. Oh how difficult it is to love someone who only have eyes for another. To top it all off, you know you can’t compete with him so you just love her unconditionally with the hopes that she might possibly return the love that you have been giving her. Not that I know how that feels but yes, in the end we all know what happens to him. We all know that for her, it’s friendship but for him it’s more than that. What I love about this one is that he stayed true to his intentions in the end, he protected her even though he knows what will happen. If that isn’t true love, I don’t know what is.

Lee Young & Kim Byung Yeon (Park Bo Gum & Kwak Dong Yeon) – The last historical drama I saw, the bromance between the official bodyguard and the royalty isn’t something you mess with. And I LOVE that this one also did not disappoint. Byung Yeon and Lee Young’s relationship is for the books because Byung Yeon’s situation is messed up since he’s tangled with some real shiz that’s kinda hard to betray and Young also trusts him with his life. He (Byung Yeon) did some amazing stuff that’ll go down in my drama history and I bawled my eyes out because of him too because he’s willing to sacrifice everything for his friends as well that he kinds forgets his safety in the process. so yeah #bromance for the win.

Jung Duk Ho & Princess Myungeun (Ahn Se Ha & Jung Hye Seong) – #couplegoals to be honest. He loved her because she was all chubby and cute and he’s like the ultimate guy that’s adorable when he sees the person he likes and I love how he had this process before he finally said to her that he is indeed in love with her and that he’s willing to give up his scholar position for her. Isn’t that sweet and that he actually wants her cute and chubby self back because that’s who he fell in love with. such couple goals to be honest.

My thoughts: Well, I LOVED IT. It’s a drama that will stay with me for a long time and I kinda delayed this review because they were in Cebu and that’s like 45 mins by plane for me and I literally didn’t read and/or watch anything related to this drama just so I can fight the urge to get a plane ticket to Cebu. This drama is for the books because of it’s amazing plot and outstanding cast. Also, the story was something that’s new for me just because of the twists and the uncommon scenes. I hope you all have seen this drama because it is worth it! If you’ve seen it, what were your favorite scenes and lines? if not, give this a go and do tell me what you think! Happy Watching ^^

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