[Personal Review] W


Right in the middle of my Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds sesh, my internet decided to be an arse and stop for a good hour (it was like 3am that time) so I ditched the crown prince and decide that I should just watch dramas that I have in my stash. One of my best friends has been recommending this drama to me since it aired because she’s really into the drama so I decided to just see it.

Cast: The cast isn’t really that wide since this story revolves mainly on 4 characters and two of those being the villains of the story. Lee Jong Suk as Kang Chul; I have to admit that the last time I’ve seen him in a drama was in I Can Hear Your Voice and up to this day, I still love that drama because of its uncommon story line and plot. Same as this one, his character is beyond ordinary since he is indeed a cartoon character. Kang Chul is this gold medal athlete turned prisoner turned rich kid whose family was killed by this villain; basically it’s your usual action/thriller lead complete with a traumatic back story. How Jong Suk portrayed this character was spot on for me. I usually don’t like how he has this monotone voice (sorry) but it sorta works in this one because his character has to have that arrogant feel to it which is so cool my gosh. Han Hyo Joo as Oh Yeon Joo; Goodness, this woman can act. I don’t think I’ve seen her properly in a drama because I didn’t watch Brilliant Legacy as a whole, I just saw some episodes because I was really into Seunggi at that time but I did see her in Always and Love 911. If you have not seen Always, I highly recommend that you see it because it is that good. She stars along side So Ji Sub and it is a punch to the gut when you see it. Moving on,  her character in this drama is a doctor who is a daughter of a comic writer/artist. Basically, she is a confused woman who keeps being dragged into the world that her dad created. It’s refreshing to see her play this character and I have to admit that she’s really funny in this drama and her reactions are priceless.

Story: I think I spoiled it a little in the cast part lol sorry but here goes. This is about an athlete turned rich kid named Kang Chul who is the main character of this comic book/ cartoon called “W” who gets involved with this woman named Oh Yeon Joo. Now, Yeon Joo is a doctor in the real world who gets sucked into the world of W every now and then. You would think that it’s this usual story that has no complications but wait because the author of that book is Oh Seung Moo, Yeon Joo’s dad who’s been trying to kill off his main character in the drama.

This story is a little difficult to explain because it’s highly unpredictable even for me. It has a LOT of twists that you just want it to end because it’s confusing AF. I do however love this story because of that, I love how I can’t predict stuff that’s about to happen in a drama because it gives me that interest to watch it more. What made me watch this was also the idea of having those characters in the book, present in the real world because I certainly would love that to happen but not with the characters I created because I did kill off some of my protagonists’ parents and I certainly don’t want to face an angry character in the future.


Kang Chul & Oh Yeon Joo (Lee Jong Suk & Han Hyo Joo) -How to begin? Before I watched this drama I have been watching BTS clips of these two and THEY ARE THE CUTEST even off cam. (OMG FEELS) The playfulness off cam is good because it reflects on cam because they are the cutest in that drama. I cannot begin to explain how adorable they are. What I like most about this drama is that she actually gets into a relationship with the man that she considered to be the man of her dreams. It might have been a difficult, scary, adventurous and weird relationship but they both got through in the end and loved happily ever after. Who wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with the perfect man, right? I do kinda envy her a bit because I have created such amazing leads in my head and yet here I am, still single. LOLS.

Park Soo Bong & Almost Everybody Else (Lee Si Un & Everybody) – Weird pairing I know but I do love how everybody asks for him whenever they wake up from a sleep or like just came back to the real world. He’s like this pill that everyone needs in their lives that he’s just needed and he’s funny as hell too.

My Thoughts: I give this drama a fair 5/5. I just can’t say anything else about it. It’s AMAZING as fudge because of its twists and turns and I love that feeling when you’re about to predict what’s gonna happen but then it becomes this totally different scene and situation. I do write myself so it’s fun to see something like this that I can sorta relate to. It’s a good refresher and it’s not overly dramatic as well but it’s makes you a little angry because of reasons I refuse to mention. Yes, that’s it for my review of this drama.

If you’ve seen this drama, tell me what you think and if you’re planning to see it, Happy Watching ^^v.

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