[Personal Review] Cinderella and Four Knights


Hello! I am back to reviewing dramas. I am so happy to be back and it feels so good. Just to give you a little update on how my drama thing is going, I am currently watching Love in the Moonlight (I know…) and I have W on hold so yeah you can expect more from me. Okay, this drama has been in my watch list since they announced that the cast will include Jaehyun, Jungshin and of course, my baby Ilwoo.

Cast: Why  don’t we start with the Kang cousins. Ahn Jaehyun as Kang Hyun Min; how to begin? First of all, let’s congratulate this young man for being married! He did drop a hint on Happy Together that he wants to get married at a young age and he did and I’m just happy. Going back to the drama, I noticed that he’s sorta like Lee Min Ho in this one. The voice and how he reacts is super similar to Min Ho that it’s like watching a reincarnation of Hye Sun’s past partner. Going back, I was a little surprised at how his character can be so evil yet caring. I originally thought that he’ll end up with Ha Won but apparently I was wrong. Lee Jung Shin as Kang Seo Woo; I love CNBLUE and their music gives me LSS and well we all know the perception of musicians turned actors and well (don’t hate me for this) Yonghwa isn’t a good example for that. Don’t get me wrong I love him and his voice but like yeah. Jung Shin on the other hand was okay for me. I love that his character isn’t too far off his real profession. He did play his character well and I think he can be a good actor. Park So Dam as Eun Ha Won; This is my first time seeing this little lady and well I liked her lol. I like her acting and she can cry like legit bring you to tears as well. What I like about her is that she can pull off that boyish look when Ha Won needs to be tough as hell and yet she can be as adorable as she wants when she’s in love and stuff. Although, I find it weird that her character is a little over acting(?) and that Ha Won is a big self talker.. I don’t know. Jung Il Woo as Kang Ji Woon; You guys have no idea how I happy I was to see him in this drama. The feeling I had for this man surfaced yet again and made me all giddy and fluttery inside, this sex god of a man (yes I did just call him that, it was originally from here ) can play arrogant and he does it so nicely but when he played the protective boyfriend/friend, I blew up because dear goodness it was a dream. Seriously, he’s great and he was able to use his kissing abilities which is nice too. Choi Min as Lee Yoon Sung; Sadly, I haven’t seen him in other dramas but I do love him here. The character that he’s playing is for me the most important one because he’s kinda the reason to everything that’s been happening. Loyalties ans trusts were tested and of course love. He played it nicely and yeah I just wish that his character could have a little more role in the drama perse.

Story: This story is much like Boys Over Flowers or Meteor Garden (if you’ve seen it), only difference is that three are cousins and one of them is the butler (hence the four knights). So, the Kang cousins are forced to live together in this mansion called Sky House and well they’re not actually in good terms with each other. This is where our cinderella, Eun Ha Won comes in; the cousins’ grandpa hires her to be like this nanny to the boys and such and well that’s where her adventure begins.

The story was okay for me but the thing that bothered me was it was so slow during the mid episodes then suddenly everything escalated on episode 13 that it was information overload and the feeling train just went into road rage, I do however loved the bit on the end with Ha Won and Ji Woon but maybe they could’ve hinted that in the earlier part of the drama so that you know people can get a little mystery and such. Over all, it was great and it’s a feel good drama 🙂


Kang Ji Woon & Eun Ha Won (Jung Il Woo & Park So Dam) – I cannot begin to explain how ADORABLE this couple is. I was a little surprised when they started showing signs of affection but then it turned into this chaotic forbidden relationship/ third party assumptions. I was legit heartbroken for these two because all they want to do is to be each others missing puzzle piece but then these elements keep them from being together.  The chemistry was indeed spot on and we all know how I can ship Il Woo with anybody and his acting really makes you feel like you’re not watching a drama but real life.

We need to talk about his confession! People, this is the funniest confession that I have seen and well he pulled it off. It was nice, funny and awkward but he ACED it and I can watch that scene over and over and I’ll still have the same reaction with the complimentary butterflies in my stomach.If you want to see it, I shared it on the facebook page lol.

Kang Hyun Min & Park Hye Ji (Ahn Jae Hyun & Son Naeun) – This is the pair that would make you say “FINALLY” because their love story is weird AF. I won’t go into detail about it because even I can’t explain it properly. What I did like is that they finally came together in the end despite all the ignoring and the issues that they have with each other. They were the sweetest but I wished I’ve seen more of them as a couple in the drama and not just fighting and such.

Their chemistry was okay, them being adorable was 100% better than them fighting, I’m just saying. I think it’s safe to say that I like Naeun in roles that are not mean because she can be that lovable lady but her being mean just doesn’t cut it for me, I guess. She was amazing in those cute scenes tho. I also wish that there was more of that.

My thoughts: I’d probably give this a 3.5/5. It was an okay drama for me, definitely a feel good drama and the story was great but as I mentioned, I think it needed at least 2 more episodes just so they can wrap it up properly. the last two or three episodes were a jumble of plot twists and it was all so fast. Beyond that, I loved this it was such a cute one and the characters were great and also the actors. The love stories were the best tho!! even Grandpa had a little love story of his own. It will definitely, definitely teach you something about the value of family and I think that is what made me stick to this drama.Do give this a watch, tell me what you think and as always, Happy Watching ^^v

6 thoughts on “[Personal Review] Cinderella and Four Knights

  1. We all already know what I’m going to say about Hyeji /cough/hadtoomuchfocusonherthatwedidntgetenoughabouthawon/cough/

    But daughter… I have to say this as an opinion… Hawon’s dad!!!!!!! The actor… I normally see him as evil and he was in three dramas I watched in a row (he was in Golden Rainbow…haha we know I watched it for Ilwoo too and Cinderella’s Sister) and… this was a nicer guy there which was refreshing.

    If only it wasn’t rushed at the end…

  2. Gotta love a decent feel good drama. I’ve rarely come across a drama I truly hated or didn’t finish (I think the only one must have been Tree of Heaven). This one looks cute, and the cast looks like a lot of fun. I’ve liked Jung Il Woo ever since 49 Days and he’s usually a pretty good actor. Will definitely be giving this one a go, or at least watch the first episode to check it out. Great review, lot’s of detail. I like that!

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