[Personal Review] Oh My Venus

Hi 🙂  I know I’m late for all the hype about this drama but I only watched this drama just because I needed to move on from Descendants plus I had a little accident that had me stuck at home for a few days. Anyway, a few friends of mine made me watch this drama because 1. So Ji Sub; 2. Shin Min Ah and 3. Henry Lau. All are actor related but watching this didn’t just give me feels but other stuff as well that I will be talking about later.

Cast: This drama has so many wonderful actors and actresses and I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it was to pick  2 other characters aside from the leads but yeah, it’s just how it is I guess. So Ji Sub as Kim Young Ho/ John Kim/ Coachnim; Mr. Get Lost (pertaining to his famous line in Master’s Sun) as I call him or Choachnimmmmm oh my how I missed seeing him. Ji Sub is one of those actors that you can take seriously but at the same time you can’t because of how funny he is. If you have seen his movie Always, you will get a taste of the serious Ji Sub I’m talking about and same goes for Master’s Sun. I do have to be honest, I was a little shocked at how he looked like because I haven’t seen him in so long and I was just in awe of how much muscle he has and that hover thing skill with the bars are amazing and I find him real funny whenever he tries to impersonate Ji Woong. Shin Min Ah as Kang Joo Eun/ Daegu Venus/ Maam ; Last I seen her was in Aarang and omg was she awesome in that drama and we can not forget her very famous role as Miho in my GF is a Gumiho “Tae Woong ah, nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu nomu choah~” complete with love shots at Seunggi’s character. Her character in this drama is super duper inspiring (will elaborate later) and she’s still as funny as she used to be and I really do love watching her because she transforms to the character she’s playing. Henry Lau as Kim Ji Woong; One of my babies!! If you’re not new to my blog, you know that I am a BIG Super Junior fangirl and that included Mimi and Henry but when these two debuted as solo acts, Henry held that special place in my heart and his space is increasing by the minute. This is my first time seeing him in a drama and I do have to say that I am impressed by his acting, he made me cry and what I like about it is he looks so Au Naturale about all of it even the Harvard thing (SPOILER, Sorry). Well he was a Berklee kid but you get my point. Sung Hoon as Jang Joon Sung/ Snake-Shii; I really don’t know this guy but he has a lot of potential to be up there sooner or later because this dude CAN CRY like his cries are contagious that it made me cry for him. I do have to point out that when he cut his hair my mind immediately went from “Who the fu** is this?” to “OH SH**, I gotta know who he is” because he just amped his appeal game.

Story: The story of this is probably your usual kdrama but with a little bit of a twist. It’s like Kim Sam Soon meets Dream High in a way. It focuses on Daegu Venus and John Kim and their strive to bring back Daegu Venus to shape. What I like about this story is that it’s not too focused on her weight, per se. It’s about getting healthy and staying healthy and that I think is what glued me to this series and well the chemistry.


Kim Young Ho/John Kim & Kang Joo Eun (So Ji Sub & Shin Min Ah) – What I like about this pairing is that they are SUPER ADORABLE. I don’t think I’ve seen Ji Sub aegyo that much in a drama, not after Master’s Sun. They’re adorable, fun and they work out together! #CoupleGoals. Also, he saw her beneath her physique and still he loved her and took care of her despite her appearance and that means so much to be and what makes me love this drama to bits. The artists’ chemistry is A++++. JUST ADORBS.

Jang Joon Sung & Jang Yi Jin (Soong Hoon & Jung Hye Sung) – These two are definitely worth the wait as they showed us that when you’re persistent, you can get that oppa fall for your charm. Let us also be reminded that it’s not just an ordinary oppa but the Korean Snake oppa. I just find it too adorable when they finally kiss and like it was all worth the wait. Their chemistry is amazing as well and I do love how the girl did everything for oppa to notice her and I don’t mean that in a bad way. IT’S JUST TOO CUTE!!

 My Thoughts: I’m giving this drama a good 4/5 because of the adorableness that is So Ji Sub and also for the fact that it had that zing where he wants her to get fit not because she’s JUST big and plump but because he wants her to get healthy. That I think is the best motivation for me and it also helps that your lover is also your trainer… LOL. This had elements of a good drama but I was looking for something more. I do like it and I am so gonna keep this drama when I feel bad because it’s just good for the feels.

Sorry for the late update. I was supposed to post this last, last month but I got caught up with work and just so much stuff happening at the same time. I hope I can keep up with all the happenings in the drama land 🙂 I currently am watching Doctors and Cinderella and Four Knights plus I have W on queue. 😀 I hope I can write a review about them soon 🙂 Anyways, Happy Watching ^^v.


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