[Personal Review] Descendants of the Sun


I do have to warn you tho, this is a pretty long post ^^v and a hell lot of SPOILERS. 😀

FINALLY!! Oh my goodness!! It is finally here. Last year, I was able to hear about a rumor about Song Joongki returning to drama land after this military duties and that he will be along side Song Hye Kyo. I was stoked of course since I missed seeing both, I wasn’t able to watch Song Hye Kyo’s drama before this since her last drama was pretty sad (That Winter, The Wind Blows). It was such a pity since she was opposite Jo In Sung (who turns out to be good friends with Joongki) but as I said, it was pretty sad. After months of waiting, I forgot about the announcement of the drama and all, until I saw an article about the drama’s ratings almost like YWCFTS, 2 years ago. I immediately googled for the drama and found out that this was the drama that I have been waiting for and it already has 6 episodes… and you know the rest. The resisting the urge to watch because you don’t want to wait every week  but you can’t handle yourself. Lo and behold, I gave in and watch up to episode 8 before I waited.

Cast: I do have to ask you to please bear with me here as I might be a little biased ^^v.Song Joong Ki as Yoo Si Jin/ Big Boss; Big Boss!! I tell you, military has wonders. I did not expect to see him so bulky and all muscly and stuff. In one of my posts, I remember saying that the Joongki I know was like all flat and skinny and a little weak but boy, oh boy did this drama change all that. He has ABS!! like washboard/chocolate abs of wonderfulness and he did not hesitate to show that off but his face is that same sweet minam face and I can say this, in all honesty he is more beautiful that some women I know. REALLY.He is a major badd ass in this drama and I am so proud of him!!! the action scenes and the rugged face paints are so cool and I remember, he said in an interview that he hasn’t really recovered from the military way of speaking that’s why he didn’t struggle so much with his lines. He did have an injury tho, I think he broke his wrist? I’m not sure but he did have a cast on episode 14 and that was apparently real. I hope he’s doing okay, it ain’t easy to break your bones, trust me. Song Hye Kyo as Kang Mo Yeon/ Beauty; That code isn’t wrong, she really is a beauty and she doesn’t look like she ages, the woman must have had virgin blood for breakfast in the last years because her face from Full House is the same in this drama. She is still as pretty as the time I last saw her in a drama, the one with Hyun Bin. She is super cute in this drama and I like how she is able to be adorkable but still show off how good of a crier she is. That is what made me love her in Full House, she was adorable, funny but when it comes to the crying scenes, she goes full out. Kim Ji Won as Yoon Myeong Ju; this is the firs time that I am seeing this woman, I think I need to admit that since I am not the type of person who watches every drama there is. I like her, I saw her in Entertainment Weekly the other day and I find her really cute, she is very beautiful both in and out of the military uniform that she is really pulling off tbh. Not all women do/choose to do/ can do uniformed jobs but when they do, they are the baddest bad ass ever. Jin Goo as So Dae Young / Wolf ; First time too! I feel so embarrassed that I don’t know this guy. I saw in his profile that he’s won a Best Supporting Actor award for one of his movies. I’m sorry Jin Goo for not knowing you, you are a great great crier as well and you portrayed a hell of a good soldier who would do everything for the love of his life. I do want to give a special mention to Onew/ Lee Jin Ki as Lee Chi Hoon; -APPLAUDS- This man has made me bawl like a mad person and cry my eyes out 12 times in 3 episodes. I did not know that he is capable of doing that besides loving chicken. He did such a great performance and I do hope that he gets an award for that.

Story: This is a love story between a doctor and a soldier.

Just kidding! This will have a lot of spoilers, if you are like the 2% of Asia’s population who hasn’t seen this drama then I apologize for revealing so much. The story of this can’t be determined in the first scene of the drama but once you get past that, you can tell that this will be a great story to tell your grand kids someday. It rotates around Capt. Yoon, Dr. Kang, Wolf and Myeong Ju. Two soldiers who are on leave, one of them experienced love at first site with a doctor and the other one is avoiding his girlfriend. Something happened and then captain is suddenly dating his doctor but the other couple remained unchanged.They did have some romance time in Korea but it’s Urk that made their love bloom like cherry blossoms in spring. Urk is an imaginary place that the writer made up, and it’s surrounded by war and disease and stuff and Capt was to serve time there and then Dr. Kang was sent there for a medical mission. (What happened before Urk, I am not going to reveal, it was such a fun / really annoying part). After that, the magic happened. I am not going to go into every detail but yes, it was real interesting and then they hit another obstacle because Capt was apparently was leaving and they had shared a kiss just the night before and he was like “Should I apologize or should I confess my love?” And she replied “Apologize” and oh my goodness was this heartbreaking. If it weren’t for a major earthquake, they wouldn’t see each other again. Seriously, if it wasn’t for that incident, they would not be in a relationship.


Yoon Si Jin & Kang Mo Yeon (Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo) – Song×Song COUPLE!! These two are amazing. At first, I didn’t think that they would click but when I saw the flippin phone scene and the soldier and doctor remark thingy when he finished stitching him up and he was like “can I come see you everyday?” everything went down south for me. I.WAS.HOOKED. and their chemistry is better than water tbh like C6,H12,O6 (which is sugar btw). They compliment each other too well that it’s impossible to imagine the half of this pairing with played by another artist. What I love about this is that they can be silly at one point, then dead serious the next. I saw the special episodes a few days ago and one said that they didn’t understand each other’s jobs until the earthquake because there, their jobs were in demand like Mo Yeon’s medical services and Si Jin’s training to save the the people. I think that’s what made their love and understanding for each other a bit deeper since they understand each other’s jobs now. Also, Si Jin finally made it clear to her (as she was stitching him up) that he was dead serious about her. He said that he missed her and that everything he does reminded him of her and he tried everything, he even drank for but he still could take her off his mind. In the end, it (almost didn’t) went well.

Their off cam relationship is amazing too! OMG. Song Hye Kyo’s instagram posts are evidence that they really do have an amazing friendship

전우애 ! 의리 !!

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유대위님 인스타 안하는관계로 …제가 ..폭풍 ..업데이트.

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Obviously, they are comfortable with each other and even clips of them show that. The 3rd part of the special focused on the NGs and the BTS.

and I have been talking about this for a long time so I’m just gonna move on to the other couples before this turns into a novel. (CTTO for the vid)

Seo Dae Young & Yoon Myeong Ju (Jin Goo & Kim Ji Won) – These two are #CoupleGoals to be honest. The forbidden love that survives and that fight to be together despite the hurdle that is Myeong Ju’s father and apparently the army’s head of command. These two are adorable. I really did not understand their story at first but when I did, I kinda liked how they started… as an order. She told him to tell Si Jin that they’re dating because he really didn’t fancy him haha and then she goes on to his ex’s wedding and then they became drinking buddies and then I guess they just fell in love and boy did they fall hard. Their love went through war when he was asked to give up being a soldier by her dad just so they could date. How mean! but ended up he is a nice dad after all and his only fault was he loved his daughter too much. (I could say the same way for my dad to be honest, after what happened with my mom he has been the most over protective father ever and I can’t blame him.) End of the day, everything went well too after that little incident that made him realize all his faults and stuff.

Dr. Song Sang Hyun & Nurse Ha Ja-Ae (Lee Seung Joon & Seo Jung Yeon) – ultimate cutie couple right here! Dr. Song is such an amazing guy and you would think that he’s that doctor where he’s just a doctor but NO! When re realizes that what he had was a cold, he finds a cure for a disease that is basically dangerous as how the drama put it. He is THAT amazing and to think he just relied on books, data and he worked while in on a hospital bed with IV being stuck to him. Imagine that! Here is nurse Ha, watching her flock of birds, marching their way to their morning routine in an ensemble of army shorts and rubber shoes. a “good morning” as they call it and she acts like she really doesn’t care if Dr. Song has a thing for her but her heart just let everything be known when she founds out that he isn’t affected by a deadly virus! oh how I love these two and even toward the end, they still stood out for me. and the secret folder was THE BEST!!! hahahaha it was an amazing addition to the mystery and little did we know that it will become the reason of them to being them. 🙂 actually shipping this tbh!

Yoo Si Jin & Seo Dae Young (Song Joong Ki & Jin Goo) – MY BABIES ;~~; well not really but these two’s relationship has indeed fought wars together and till death do they part… like foreals since they like “died” together and came back to life together as well. The bromance is amazing with these two and I can feel the love. LOL In all honesty, they are amazing. He is the perfect right hand to Capt and like they can communicate through eye signals and like nods and stuff and if that’s not love, I don’t know what is. How Wolf is supportive as hell to him and loyal is what a friend should be and they both are willing to sacrifice for the other.

Since we are in this topic, I do remember when Capt slid under Wolf’s umbrella on their first meeting and he was all shocked and stuff while Capt was this smooth good looking man. Their 72 days oh dear… it’s unbelievable but at the same time amazing how they can drink for 3 days straight. xD it’s just… I love these two.

Seo Dae Young & Kim Gi Bum (Jin Goo & Kim Min Suk) –  another bromance that might possibly be one of my faves since their beginning isn’t really that good but the after effect is the best. Gi Bum played one of the most important roles in this drama… I think since he was the reason why Capt met Dr. why Seo Dae Young met Myung Ju again. He is the glue of the team and I like how he became a man of the army and how he looked up the people who wanted to beat him up in the first place. I admire him because he let them (his hyungs) take over him (and his life with all the military thing and all) and he was willing to be his hyung as well. One of my fave scenes was toward the end when he became a sergeant just like his hyung and obviously he thinks that his hyung has passed and then his hyung shos up and he just breaks down infront of his battalion just like that because he’s happy that his hyung is indeed alive and kicking. I can feel the love here. I really do

Big shout out to the Alpha Team !! Woot you guise are amazing 😀

My thoughts: GUISE!!! I guess you all know how I will react to this but I won’t do my usual scale rating out of 5 just because this drama has exceeded most of my expectations but not everything. I know, I am hard to please but this drama came close to my perfect drama hurr. I think it was there in a sense but the special kinda was a big “wtf is this” for me since it has like three parts and yet only one of them was composed of BTS and NGs I mean cmon. I can replay the entire drama if I want to, but I do have to admit that cutting it down was nice however it isn’t really that necessary.  All I want to say is that it was good, it was okay, I loved it and I am willing to watch it again. It made me change my perspective as a kdrama watcher because like who knew that soldiers can be adorable yet masculine at the same time and that they can act cute and throw off cheesy lines and still look good.

Joong Ki was amazing in this one. I never realized that I really adore him as much because he was my ideal man before but now, it’s much worse haha. I am head over heels for him and maybe this is PKdS or Post Kdrama Syndrome but I am obsessing over this man and it doesn’t help that he is all over the place. It was rumored that he has earned more that KSH and LMH combined (in china at least) and I was like WOAH there. what happened?

Before this becomes a uber duper long post, I am going to stop or else I have to like try and just go on and on. LOL. If you haven’t seen this, WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE YOU? because everyone is obsessed about this drama!!! GO WATCH!

As for the OST, I will have a separate post for that once I get all the song on my iPod 🙂 Happy Watching ^_~

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