[Personal Review] Oh My Ghost


Hello~ Happy Holidays! It’s been a while since I did another drama review and this particular drama isn’t really that new but I was following it on facebook while it was airing so some of the scenes were familiar to me. What got me into watching this was the cast and also when I saw that they were chefs.

Cast: Another thing I like about this drama is the number of people, there are only like 15 – 17 characters in this drama which really makes you focus on the story. Jo Jung Suk as Kang Sun Woo; Chef! Chef-nim! Jo Jun Suk’s performance in this drama is beyond my expectations. To be honest, I haven’t seen him in a drama but I have seen him in Running Man, twice… I think. I am also aware that he does theater so hearing him sing was heaven sent… and all the shouting in the kitchen were so realistic that it gives me shivers. Park Bo Young as Na Bong Sun; Na Bong! I loved her in Hot Young Bloods and her performance in this drama did not disappoint as well. [lil spoiler] the way she changes from the normal Na Bong to the maniac Na Bong deserves a slow clap, it is beyond amazing and she really did a great job. Kim Seul Gi as Shin Soon Ae; I knew that I would be seeing this cool woman again, I loved her in Flower Boy Next Door, she was cute, funny and awesome in that drama; her role in Discovery of Love is adorable as well. I am happy to see her as one of the leads in this drama, her performance is amazing; this might be the first time I’ve seen her sob like that and she was good.

Story: The story focuses on Seul Gi’s character who is Soon Ae, who is a ghost that roams around the earth because of her apparently “virgin grudge. For her to ascend to heaven, she needs to solve her grudge by sleeping with someone, obviously but they all end up cold… not dead, just cold. Na Bong Sun on the other hand is this shy girl who always says “sorry”, she works in the kitchen of Chef Kang Sun Woo as a trainee, she washes dishes, does the prep work, cleans the kitchen and stuff; basically she’s that usual not confident, ghost seeing, timid girl.

If you have seen Master’s Sun, you know that ghosts like to posses human bodies when they’re at their weakest like when Tae Gong Shil is really drunk. Since Na Bong is weak, Soon Ae takes advantage of her body but something goes terribly wrong w/c I am not going to say. 🙂 This drama has like 16 episodes and for them to fit everything in it surprised me because usually dramas with these number of episodes lack in some way but this one didn’t. It ended smoothly (although I must say, they did a Coffee Prince like ending there that brought up memories), everyone was happy.


Kang Sun Woo & Na Bong Sun (Jo Jung Suk & Park Bo Young) – Okay, this will be really hard to explain but I am talking about the normal Na Bong here. After all the complications that this couple has experienced, they finally pushed through with Chef knowing what the deal is. They were adorable and cute and she finally came though for him and also for herself, she totally escaped her timid self and became this confident woman that overflows with love for the man that is Kang Sun Woo.

Kang Sun Woo & Shin Soon Ae [in and out of Na Bong’s Body] (Jo Jung Suk & Park Bo Young/Kim Seul Gi) – Okay, I really love this one. She totally changed Na Bong in a way that surprised the whole kitchen. She pushed herself to him so bad that he eventually fell in love with her as well. I love her confidence and her bubbly attitude, but we all know that whatever Soon Ae wants can never happen because she is just a ghost after all. I also love that she also kind of “helped” Na Bong to become a better version of herself.

Kang Eun Hee & Choi Sung Jae (Shin Hye Sun & Im Ju Hwan) – They are my #relationshipgoals for a little while since he’s taken such good care of his wife but well we all know what happens when Sung Jae’s urges became active again. He went back to his evil spirit doing and became that nightmare husband that we all want to just leave. In his defense however, his body was taken over by a very evil spirit. The only downside to this one is that he hardly remembers that he was married and does not know who his wife is. Yeah. I guess he did kind of got scared that the year was like two years later and he finds out that he’s married. Sorry… spoiler.

Seobinggo & Jo Hye Young (Lee Jung Eun & Shin Eun-Kyung) –  Weird, I know but bear with me here. What I like about this one is that it is food related. If you haven’t noticed that all Seobinggo wants from her is free food but after all the problems and such Le Chef’s mom actually found a friend in her and Seobinggo is actually a good listener. Let’s face it, we all want a friendship like them, it’s like close to having a relationship but not so much.

My Thoughts: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this drama to bits. I know I usually say that but this one totally fits my personality like a glove. I am an introvert and I also took up 12 units of Culinary Arts. I don’t cook that well but I can cook to save my life. I also did see ghosts when I was little and thankfully was not possessed by it. I liked it since it was the ALMOST the same with Master’s Sun but what caught me up here is that the love triangle is strange since we have a ghost at play. The whole idea of this was really nice since it involved a lot of tiny tiny details that you won’t make out towards the end of the drama and I like that kind of thrill 😀

~~ FINALLY! I finally was able to finish this review! Wheeeew. Sorry it took so long. I am a little busy with work… dunno if I mentioned this before but yes I work now… and it is a little time consuming with all the travel time and such. I might have a little more time in the upcoming weeks but I’m still not sure about it. Holy Week is coming up and I might might might get time to watch a drama but still not sure. Anyway, I hope I can publish another one of these reviews since I miss doing them. Missing the first person point of view to be honest.~~

Happy Watching! ^_~

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