I know it’s been days since Leo finally won that prized man a.k.a. the Oscar and I cannot be happier for him. You can say that I am a fan of Leo but at the same time, not really that addicted to the guy. I have seen a few movies of his, mostly in his younger days like Man in the Iron Mask, Romeo + Juliet, Titanic and The Beach but I do like the guy because when he’s in a role, HE IS IMMERSED IN THE ROLE and he’s a very versatile actor.

I was at home when I saw the whole thing and to be honest, I shed a few tears after screaming when I heard his name being announced as the best actor. and I was like “Finally! this man earned it and he earned it real bad.”


I am just real happy about this and did you guise see Kate’s reaction? she was like “I am so proud of this man” and the way she looked at her was so precious, #friendshipgoals #noncouplecouplegoals

Sooooooooooo, what did you think about his speech? any reactions with regards to him winning?

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