Bittersweet, a marry of tastes between bitter and sweet; for chocolates, it’s the perfect balance… I can’t say the same for life. Bittersweet memories aren’t all that great, wether you begin with sweet or bitter, the end point is still the same. You don’t feel any better.

But such is life, for balance is needed to function or just to live. As they say, you can’t have everything and even the richest man who has everything has something to be sad about.

It might be just a word to some people but to those who have lost something or someone trully knows and understands what bittersweet feels like. Like a new dad, losing his wife a month after their child was born, her wife not being able to see all the many firsts that he’ll be able to; A daughter paying for her dad’s dinner but not being able to treat her mom for she passed even before she landed her job or maybe a mom watching her other children have a family while thinking of the kid she lost and what could have been; A runner who lost the ability to run or even a singer who lost the ability to sing.

Still, life didn’t stop. The dad continued to care for his child, the daughter payed for more meals, the mother watched her other children grow, have a family and she embraced her grandchildren as they watched them grew before her eyes; the runner put on a new pair of legs and ran faster than before and the singer now writes songs.

Life is what you make of it, it may be bittersweet but you’re still living. Focus on the sweet side more and there will come a time that life will be so much sweeter than the last time.

> This is what happens when mom suddenly pops into my head… I ramble about things at 1am and I have work tomorrow. Anywhoo, how is everybody? I missed being here and I know that my review for Oh My Ghost is loooooong overdue but I promise to finish it✋! Xoxo<

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