[Movie Review] Hot Young Bloods

As you have noticed, Movie Monday is almost back to normal. I have collected some movie titles that I am planning on watching. This one isn’t in that list, I actually just watched this by chance and I loved it. It’s a mixture of nostalgia, romance and a little violence which is normal in Korean schools, weirdly enough.

Cast : Lee Jong Suk as Jong Gil; Park Bo Young as Young Sook; Lee Se Young as So Hee and Kim Young Kwang as Gwang Sik.

Story : This is set in early 1980’s. Jong Gil is the school playboy. The movie did emphasize on that in the first few scenes. He was planning on sleeping with all the girls in the other class but one day, So Hee comes along. So Hee is this timid lady who apparently has lung cancer. Jong Gil is captivated by her and starts to make his move on her. She doesn’t bulge until one day, an incident happened ans she returned the favour by going out with him. Young Sook on the other hand is Jong Gil’s childhood friend, she’s the leader of the female gang in their school and she’s really tough for her size. With her tough skin, she secretly has a crush on Jong Gil and she’s not afraid to admit it. She tried to reach out to him by giving him a gift but Gwang Sik found out and he takes the gift away from him. Gwang Sik is the leader of the gang in another school that formed an alliance with Young Sook’s gang. He believes that Young Sook is his even though she’s made it clear that nobody her except for Jong Gil.

My thoughts : First of all, it was very very violent; Second, it’s a little racy and Lastly, it was amazing. When the first scene appeared, I was really worried that it would be the same plot where the leads fall in love and it’s over but to be honest, it isn’t like that at all. It had plot twists that you weren’t expecting. It kept on surprising me as the movie goes on and that’s what I like about it. It’s not normal. It had that sense of “reality” where people that age, maybe 15-17 do. I guess it’s more violent before and a little toned down with the racy but it happens. When I was in high school, I also had those moments where my classmates have cuts and bruises and whatnots but not females… well not entirely, we had cat fights too where the girl apparently “steals” someone’s boyfriend.

Hands down, it is a good movie. It’s a must watch. With all the blood, the fights, the swearing and the foul words, it’s a good story. The plot is amazing and the twists are unexpected. :3

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