[Movie Review] Steal My Heart / 캐치미 (Catch Me)

It’s been a while since I’ve done Movie Reviews and I came across this movie whilst surfing channels on my TV. I didn’t really plan on watching but then I saw Joo Won and well I told myself “let’s give this a try” and I lasted till the end. It was a very new experience for me since I haven’t seen Joo Won in roles that are not serious, I saw him in the Bridal Mask and the one with Kim Tak Gu, Bread, Love and Dreams. The only show where I saw him be himself is 1Night and 2days which was fun.

Cast : Joo Won as Hong Tae and Kim Ah Joong as Lee Sook-Ja/ Yoon Jin Sook

Story : Okay, I’ll try to tell this without really giving you guys a ton of spoilers. Hong Tae (Joo Won’s chara) is a police officer. He’s one of the best in his batch. They were doing an operation to catch a murderer, suddenly this murderer becomes a victim of a hit-and-run. He swore that he’ll catch the driver but this driver turns out to be his ex-girlfriend and she’s a burglar.

That’s basically the best summary I can come up with. Also, this movie isn’t really that stressful to the feels. It’s actually very funny and you also get to hear Joo Won’s amazing vocals which, I think pierced my soul.

My Thoughts : I can’t really rate movies since every movie is different plus it’s a pain to fit a effload of story in like 1-2 hours. I do have to say that I did like this movie a lot. I think it’s a feel good movie, it’s not heavy on the feels. It had that spy factor that I love, I also love heist movies and this one had a bit of that as well. The romance is adorable and it’s cringe worthy since it such has a sweet plot, it’s really related to “Catch Me” which is the Korean title of the movie plus Joo Won is really cute in this movie. It’s such a weird thing for me to see him be all comedic and just throw himself in the character. If you want a light movie to watch, I do recommend this movie, just don’t eat food that might choke you since the comedic parts in this movie are everywhere. ^^v Happy Viewing


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