[Personal Review] Last Cinderella

Okay, I wasn’t planning on doing this here but I haven’t really had an access to a laptop lately plus the app I have for me to edit my portfolio site is completely useless. Now, I know this blog is all about Kdramas and stuff but I did state that 5% will be others and this is one of them. This drama is my first ever Jpn drama; all thanks to my aunt who fed me a ton of drama recommendations over the mother’s day weekend (we like talked about dramas till 2am, literally fangirled all night). How it happened is, I asked how the Japanese do their drama and then my aunt shows me a bed scene clip and I fell head over heels for the guys smile; I googled him and it turns out, we’re the same age :”3.. he’s older by 26 days, you can imagine how I reacted.

Cast : Ryoko Shinohara as Sakura Toyama, Haruma Miura as Hiroto Saeki, Naohito Fujiki as Rintaro Tachibana; First jpn drama ever so I have no idea who they are. I did google them and as I have said, Haruma hit me right in the feels. HE.HAS.THE.BEST.SMILE.EVAR. his smile made me weak in the knees, gave me butterflies and his smile is contagious oh my gosh, I smile whenever he does. And don’t get me started with his hair. It’s amazing sauce both tied up and loose, it’s illegal.   image image Look how adorable he is and to think we’re the same age, it’s unfair how he looks like that and I look like me. He looks a lot like Jaejoong with Song Jae Rim’s smile, he’s dreamy. Ryoko as Sakura for me is great, oh my I love how she handled the character transformation and how it didn’t look like it was like she became feminine in a wave of a wand, she was turning 40 when the drama was shot and WOW would I kill to look like that when I turn 40. As for the role of Tachibana, he kinda looked like a combination of Jang Hyuk and Cha Seung Won with the rugged look and the masochistic aura but weird because he’s a hair dresser and yet he is oozing with sexy. I like him, I really do.

Story : The main story is about a woman (Sakura) who is nearing 40, is single for the last 10 years and is seeking for love. I do have to warn everybody that this drama for me is N19, there’s a lot of talk about sex in here and it’s really more of an adult life. Hiroto on the other hand is another issue, he’s this guy who’s loose and relaxed and doesn’t really care until he meets Sakura. To what will happen to them I will leave for you to find out. As for the other story lines, Sakura’s best friends are involved, Miki and Shima. These two will have a very interesting story to tell and it involves Miki’s husband, Kohei.

Pairing :

Hiroto Saeki & Sakura Toyama (Hiruma Miura & Ryoko Shinohara) – The first time I saw them was in a bed scene so you can tell that they did look good together. I still cannot wrap my head around the idea of 39 and 25 in a romantic relationship but it works, oh dear it works. The chemistry is out of this world. I swear to you, I wasn’t sure if I’m going to finish this drama (even though it has like 11 episodes) because I was afraid that the “cougar” subject would come in to play with the mother and everything but it didn’t which made me happy since there’s no evil mother in this one.

On the actors, I do have to give them credit for fitting into their roles, they were such fun to watch and there’s no awkward moments and super weird staring scenes, (sorry kdrama). They just go for it and like they GO for it, this is the first time that I’ve seen a bed scene, like really on the bed with clothing coming off people; it’s shocking yet it’s nice since it was sweet and intimate and you really feel like they love each other. **side note. My sister’s tablet and my phone kinda messed up on that episode so I had to watch that bed scene repeatedly and boy oh boy, all the feels [HERE is the cut to the scene that started it all]** This pairing really did it for me; it was cute, it wasn’t over the top, not too clingy and it had that “magic” that somehow makes it work.

Sakura Toyama & Rintaro Tachibana (Ryoko Shinohara & Naohito Fujiki) – This one was a real heart breaker right here, I wanted them to be together but I don’t want to break Hiroto-kun’s heart. These two is your classic enemies turned friends and then one of them falls in love with the other without knowing it situation. Tachibana was actually the one that you want to hug and just comfort here since he doesn’t know that he’s in love with his friend already and to top it all off Sakura seeks love advice from him. I think he just became over protective of her since he’s gotten to know her a little more but such is life, his one and only love is in love with another man. It’s just too bad that we didn’t get to see Tachibana have a hardcore pissing contest with Hiroto since he declared his love late in the drama but still it gave me major feels.

OST : It has this one song that kept on playing in the drama, like it was played frequently but with different tempos. It was fast and then it was like mellow, I don’t know but it kinda got me stuck to it for a week. It’s Star Loveration by Kera Kera and it has a ballad version (1) and the original version (2) . I do prefer the ballad one since it’s not so exhausting plus it’s real relaxing 🙂

My Thoughts : As my first ever official Jpn Drama, I shall give it a whopping 5/5 since it didn’t anger me at all (maybe some parts but still) the romance was super cute and the story isn’t that long that it’s exhausting to watch but it isn’t too rushed as well. I like how it’s not too innocent yet it still has that adorable factor in it. It did talk about adult life and I am kinda like Hiroto in a way since the direction of my life is unclear, it’s just fun and amazing to see how a person can change and grow That’s what I like about this, the change; everyone evolved in a way that it didn’t hurt anyone. I surely am going to see this since it’s not heavy on the episodes, no tissues needed but do prepare for a lot of smiling and omg I forgot how I end my posts… uhm Happy Watching… I guess ^^v

2 thoughts on “[Personal Review] Last Cinderella

  1. I also really enjoyed this drama… me and my mom actually watched it together a few months back… but i like how it was essentially short, sweet and to the point… no four billion subplots that never end and have nothing to do with the main story…

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