So, I finally had the guts to throw everything out the window and watch Sensory Couple. I just caught up and finished episode 10 a few hours ago and I gotta say that I am in love with this drama. The OST is amazing as well and I am addicted to a few of them as we speak. Also, I love the fact that Yoochun’s face isn’t as thin as I want it to be plus he has those adorable cheeks that scream “Pinch Me”. The pairing is working for me as well :D. I can’t wait to write my drama review for this ^^. Are you watching Sensory Couple too? If not, what dramas are you watching?

I might go back to the drama world again. I do have some catching up to do ^^v. I’m looking forward to Orange Marmalade(I feel like a proud mama when I saw Yeo Jin Goo, he finally has a leading role and he’s not a child actor in it, like he appears in the whole drama omg ;A;) School 2015 (SO HYUN, my girl omg leading role as well) and Producers (Well, Gong Hyo Jin, Cha Taehyun, IU and Kim Soo Hyun in one drama? Kill me now please, its all my faves in one show. I might need a kickstart once I watch one episode) ^^v What dramas are you excited for?

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