[Personal Review] Hotel King

As you may have seen from this blog, I am in a state of Lee Dong Wook-diction. After seeing Blade Man, I fell into this addiction of the man that is Lee Dong Wook, I didn’t know how it happened nor why it happened but I knew that I needed to see more of him. Remembering that I saw the first 5 episodes of this drama, I immediately looked for it and watched Episode 5 again. Now, I have successfully devoured 32  episodes and am suffering from a drama withdrawal. I just finished it, a few minutes ago and I’m now writing this so that I can make a proper review. Please excuse my fangirling in some of this because I’m still in the Hotel King world and I am not ready to leave it just yet.

Cast : Lee Dong Wook as Cha Jae Wan/Jaden (general manager of Hotel Ciel); Lee Da Hae as Ah Mo Ne (heiress of Hotel Ciel); Im Seul Ong as Sun Woo Hyun (Mo Ne’s VIP staff); Wang Ji Hye as Song Chae Kyung (director of Hotel Ciel’s restaurant :Hamil); Lee Duk Hwa as Lee Joong Goo (vice chairman of Hotel Ciel); Kim Hae Sook as Baek Mi Nyeo (training manager of Hotel Ciel); Jin Tae Hyun as Roman Lee/Joo Han **grabbed from here. This cast was amazing! Even the ones that aren’t in this list. I have to include them because they were all just a treat to watch. I have seen most of these people’s works. I saw Lee Duk Hwa in Running Man and he was funny as hell but he was such a great villain in this drama. Jin Tae Hyun I saw in Happy Together a few days ago and Attic Cat but I haven’t seen Attic Cat in a few years so I can hardly remember him. I have to admit that I haven’t seen Lee Da Hae aside from her role in Fugitive Plan B but I knew about her and Dongwook in My Girl even though I haven’t seen the said drama. Dong Wook, I have seen in countless dramas and this one was probably one of my faves :”3 haha I just like the way he transforms from being that super strict General Manager to that super fragile Jaden.

Screenshot_2014-12-18-13-35-23[1]Story : The story revolves around Hotel Ciel (Picture Above) and the Owner of it who has passed away. Now, his only daughter Mo Ne comes to claim the hotel and tries to manage it with the help of General Manager and The Training Manager but this drama is a revenge drama. Now, I won’t go revealing such spoilers because this drama has a lot of secrets that I would like to share but don’t want to. Everybody wants to be the chairman of this Hotel and most of the people in the main cast wants revenge for some reason. Besides the revenge part, there’s also the love line between JaeWan, MoNe, Chae Kyung and Woo Hyun. It’s really a very confusing love line or square as I call it but you’ll find it really nice since it goes through that weird phase that most dramas don’t have.

I really like the flow of the story as well and 32 episodes is a real short for me since I wanted the last one to be real nice and all romantic and everything but it still ended in a nice note and all in it’s rightful place.

Pairing :

Cha Jae Wan & Ah Mo Ne (Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae) – You’ll have to forgive me for being all fangirly in this but this is a first for me and I didn’t see My Girl so I didn’t know what the fuss was about when they said that these two would be reunited. I did look for some videos and pictures of them while they were in My Girl and all I did was laugh at how Dong Wook looked like because he looks so different now. Anyway, I did love them as they were in this and I had the biggest smile on my face when they were on the screen together. I screamed at my phone “JUST DATE” when they would appear on screen.


Look at them! They look freakin good together! This might be the second longest Drama Hangover that I’ll get. What I loved is that they didn’t show any awkwardness on screen because they’re real familiar with each other and that they’re good friends and they’re comfortable as well, 10 years is still long but at least they’re familiar with each other. **I have to point out their kissing scenes and that “bed scene” w/c should be called wall scene, it gave me feels that I have never felt since YWCFTS!! They’re ACTUALLY kissing and not just plastering their lips and be done with it, there’s actually head movement and lip action which is super rare for dramas.

About their characters, this one has the weirdest story yet. At first I thought that Jae Wan was going to commit incest but then it turned out that he’s not then he finds out who his parents were and wanted to really stay away from her but she didn’t let him and when you think “omg it’s episode 32 what could possibly happen” the drama hits you with the biggest plot twist that ends in a much better plot twist. I am happy that they did end up together… I really am.

Cha Jae Wan & Song Chae Kyung (Lee Dong Wook & Wang Ji Hye) – The First Love Pairing. I did however find them real amusing just because she was rejected dozens of times. She knows Jae Wan too well and she still loves him even though she clearly has this idea that Jae Wan is just using her and her feelings but she still does it. This is being stupid for love and I don’t know how she does it or why she does it but it’s ridiculous how she puts up with it. She did want to take revenge when she saw the lovely couple together but she can’t do it. She wants to hurt Jae Wan but when others wanted to she doesn’t want him to get hurt. She is a very confused girl but sadly (lol not really), she didn’t have Jae Wan in the end.

Ah Mo Ne & Sun Woo Hyun (Lee Da Hae & Im Seulong) –  When the drama started and when I thought that it would be impossible for Jae Wan to love Mo Ne because he’d commit incest if he did, I did ship Mo Ne with Woo Hyun because they look good together plus Woo Hyun is too loyal to Mone’s dad and I thought that he’ll be the perfect boyfriend. But it turns out that MoNe has fallen for General Manager and that Woo Hyun didn’t have the guts to confess to Mone but still remained as her friend and was loyal to her at the end.

Cha Jae Wan & Loman Lee / Jaden & JuHan (Lee Dong Wook & Jin Tae Hyun) – BROMANCE!! Oh my gosh you guise. This is probably one of the amazing bromance right here. They go way back when Jaden was 11 and JuHan was like 7 and Jaden would take the beating for his little brother Juhan. They might not be blood related brothers but they did have one connection who is Le Mother. How they were connected will be up to the drama watching because it is amazing how they find out. I just really love them and how they had that super complicated relationship whilst in that crazy hotel war but still remained brothers in the end.

**Grouping :

 Cha Soo Ahn, Yoo Joon Sung, Hong Joon& Park Do Jin (Gong Hyun Joo, Alex, Kim Sun Hyuk & Go Yoon)  –Screenshot_2014-12-18-15-17-07[1] I would also like to add here the Fantastic Four as I call them, They’re Cha Jae Wan’s best people who are not from Korea and they’re also his colleagues or friends. I’m not familiar with them except for Alex but these four are the best and I do love them for being awesome and they are too adorable as well but if I would have my favourite, it would be Cha Soo Ahn :). These four have the best chemistry and as I have said, they are just awesome because of how they work well together. Although there will be a traitor among them, it still goes well in the end and that person will be loyal to Jae Wan in the end.

I would love to talk about all the pairings in this drama but they are a lot of them and that will be left for the drama watching.

OST : I did have my favourites but I wasn’t able to hear most of them while watching because I didn’t have earphones but halfway there I did acquire headphones that enabled me to listen to the OST. 기다려본다 by Melody Day and 그대라서 by The One were my faves mostly because they were played in the most unforgettable scenes that it stuck on to me till the end.

My Thoughts : I give this drama a 4.9/5. I know I haven’t given a drama this high before. Reason I didn’t give them a 5 is because I wanted to see how Training Manager, Baek Ahjumma got cured (little spoiler) When she was in that accident, she kinda got into this state where her brain was back to being a five year old. She had till episode 32 still but after a few years when the mini JaeWans were there and all grown up and they got their loveliness from their lovely mom aka Mone, Baek Ahjumma came back to being the strict Training Manager. That was the bit that I wanted to see, did she get it from knocking her head or did she just wake up one day and she was back to being an adult again or what. But all in all, story wise and surprising and revealing facts wise; I LOVED this drama. This is probably the only drama that most of my emotions were being angry because come on, Lee Duk Hwa and Kim Hae Sook as your villains? How could you not hate them when they’re such amazing actors that did such realistic acting.

I would like to say to you now that I am currently looking for links to download this drama and I rarely download dramas now because of the lack of space in my laptop but I don’t care how big the space this drama might take up because it has 32 episodes, I am downloading it anyway. You guys should give this a watch, you think 32 episodes is long but once you reach episode 30 you’ll want to stop and think about what you just have watched and will be bittersweet about watching that last episode. Please do give this a try; it has that comedic flare to it, a LOT of anger but with the same amount of romance and a tad bit of drama as well. I don’t suggest tissues but I have to suggest a therapy ball for your hand, just in case you get real angry but besides that… Happy Watching ^^v

2 thoughts on “[Personal Review] Hotel King

  1. Hello! You should really watch MY GIRL it was so hilarious and I am pretty sure you will enjoy every episode of it. No dull moments, promise! ^~^.. BTW, like you I am currently addicted to LDW and it took me only a month to watched all his movies, dramas, variety shows and guesting 🙂 And I do love him even more in ROOMATES! ❤

    • Hi! I look forward to seeing all of his works, I was debating on watching my girl but now, Im definitely gonna go see.. Thanks for that :3

      I haven’t seen Roommate yet, Im afraid I might breakdown and cry at how handsome he is but I’ll try to watch if I get a hold of em ^^v Thank you again 🙂

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