[Personal Review] Blade Man

Hello beautiful people! I’m back with another review 🙂 I was planning on seeing this a few weeks ago but I was occupied with other things. When I got to the decision to watch, I wanted to download it but the site where I got my dramas terminated their “torrent” section so I resorted to streaming the whole drama. Before I start, I just wanted to tell you that I might be a little over the top here because I do have a big crush on DongWook (It’s true) and fun fact, I haven’t seen his drama My Girl but I love him to bits. He gives me butterflies in my tummy and I tell you besides Soo Hyun, he’s the second person who gives me the longest Drama Hangover. I saw this drama on KBS World and I have heard about it before it aired and was really excited to watch but I waited till it’s over because I hate waiting.

Cast : Lee Dong Wook as Joo Hong Bin; Shin Se Kyung as Son Se Dong; Kim Kap Soo as Joo Jang Won; Han Eun Jung as Kim Tae Hee. The first episode was okay, it was a little creepers and scary because of the rain and the slicing but it’s all good. I’m familiar with everyone here even Shin Se Kyung, this drama was a first of me for her because I have no idea why I haven’t seen her works. I do know her as Jonghyun’s GF before because I’m an SM Stan. Lee Dong Wook; I loved him in Scent of a Woman, he is super cute in that and his “Na-yooo” (Me) is super ADORABLE and his smile melts everything in me. I also took a look at him in Roommate and he looks so cute guise, with that over – sized shirt and that cap (-swooons-) plus the love line with Bom and all the cuteness and the adorable… -sighs- I’m already blushing. Now, Kim Kap Soo is the dad of Chun in Sungkyungkwan and then Han Eun Jung is the girl from Full House who was Rain’s friend. It’s really a full house cast, even the villains and Secretary Ko.

Story : The story is about Hong Bin who is an owner of a game developing company. He has this secret that he actually doesn’t know, it has something to do with Anger Management because he does have a temper. He then meets this girl, Se Dong who has him addicted to her scent. They then have this weird relationship that turned into a good one. Hong Bin also has this adorable kid that changes him as well.

I do have to spoil you people that, your villain here isn’t your regular and over-used mother but your unusual housemaid/helper/butler. It was a little irritating because she’s the worst but you’ll get why she’s like that after a few episodes. I have to admit that I got a lesson here which is forgiveness, pride and change. Some people like to blame others and not themselves, some don’t say sorry because they have a lot of pride in them and they just have too much pride to say sorry or apologize and lastly, a little change isn’t that bad and it might be better for you after all.

Pairings :

Joo Hong Bin & Son Se Dong (Lee Dong Wook & Shin Se Kyung) – They are super duper uber cute! I like their chemistry in this drama and it’s cute how they compliment each other and I love love love the height difference. I don’t know about you people but I do have a thing for guys who are taller than me. I’m 5’6″ and it’s hard to find guys taller than I am. I also am in love it their “hug me” thing. Dongwook is super adorable and he’s like a baby in this drama as well. What I like about them is that the couple was there but it wasn’t really there per-se because there was no confirmation from them and when it happened it was super quick because Se Dong really didn’t show her emotion for liking him. You would think that it’s one sided but it’s not. How they turned out in the end was super sweet and they deserve to be together from all the things that Se Dong did to him and his family, you would really know that she is the one.

Joo Hong Bin & Kim Tae Hee (Lee Dong Wook & Han Eun Jung) – The parents of the adorable David Chang, Power couple over here! These two were the definition of not being friend zoned. They started out as friends from way back when and ended up being together and having a kid. This is my dream love story but unfortunately, they didn’t end up being together.

Joo Hong Bin & Secretary Go (Lee Dong Wook & Hang Jung Soo) – The love that goes beyond boundaries, beatings and is cuteness galore. These two are the tightest friends ever, I put them here as a pair because they don’t leave each others side and what I like about them is they’re loyal to each other. Secretary Go may be the protector and assistant 24/7 but he’s also a brother and a friend to Hong Bin as out Blade Man said in an episode.

OST : To be perfectly honest, I didn’t pay much attention to the OST this time. I wasn’t able to hear it in some of the scenes. Maybe because I was really into it that I haven’t heard or like I just wasn’t able to hear. I did look them up and I think 사랑하나 사랑이 아닌 것 (I Love You, But It’s Not Love) by Lee Soo Young appealed to me out of the four tracks. It’s a shame they only had 4 tracks because Master’s sun had 17 episodes and they have like 8 OST tracks. I wish they invested more music in this drama because there were a lot of scenes that needed it.

My Thoughts : I give it a 3.5/5. I did like it but it lacked something for me. First of all, I wanted to know how the heck did Hong Bin have blades in his body. I know he had a lot of anger and that people don’t listen to him, I heard the story from the last episode but that doesn’t really make sense. Scientifically speaking, we’re not born with blades embedded in out body, even Wolverine got them from some science freak dude that did an experiment on him, so I want to know he he got them. Second, supposed to be dead girlfriend is alive but is gonna die anyway, It’s confusing as hell and that point in the drama I really wanted to quit watching because it’s really really ridiculous. Lastly, I love how he fell in love with her scent but that kinda got lost as their relationship goes. I did find it a little creepy at first but I missed it in the remaining episodes, the did hug a lot but he isn’t taking in her scent anymore plus the blades went away too soon.

Sorry for giving out to much on my reaction, this drama is really nice though but for me it needed a little more tinkering but please, do watch this drama, it really has an adorable feel to it and Dong Wook here is really adorable.

Happy Watching ^^v

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