That Kdrama Moment

I had this thought as I was re-watching Master’s Sun with my sister. She got so irritated when I would sing the song on cue the same as the TV and it got me wondering; what K-drama moments/ instances do I do unconsciously? Do other drama watchers experience this too? I compiled a few Kdrama moments that I have experienced and here they are.

1. That K-drama moment when… You sing the song and on cue, at the exact moment. My first experience on this was from Personal Taste and I believe I already told you all about that so I won’t really go into detail. I really acquired that when I watch dramas, when I do have the song on my head and when I know that it’s gonna come I do sing with and I end up always being on cue.

2. That K-drama moment when…You guess what they’re about to say. I have been watching dramas for a really long time (well I wouldn’t say long but I’m about to be there) and I have this moment when I can guess what they’re about to say. It’s really fun when they actually say what you thought they’re about to say.

3. That K-drama moment when…You hate the villain more than you should. I have experienced this in A LOT of dramas, namely : Secret Garden, BOF and You Who Came From the Stars and others that I can’t seem to remember. I curse at them when they do evil thing and I usually curse in Korean so that they wouldn’t understand. But yeah, sometimes you just want to jump into the screen and strangle the villain.

4. That K-drama moment when… You cry harder the second time. I think we all have experienced this. I am a big re-watcher and I love re-watching my fave dramas and every time there is a scene that teared me up the first time, It will surely tear me up the next time. I know it’s coming but I still end up crying at the same scene.

and lastly…

5. That K-drama moment when… You just want to jump in the screen and hug that cry-er. I do have those random moments where I want to hug that person (*cough*kim soo hyun *cough*) because of how well he cries. It’s like you just want to say to him “I fell you, bro” and just give him a tight hug or maybe wipe his tears away and you also end up crying with the person.

I just thought about all these random drama moments and I know that I am not alone on this. I may have missed some and if you also have them please do shoot em my way.

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