[Personal Review] God’s Quiz 4

I have finished this drama a last month and I was waiting for the right opportunity to write my thoughts on this awesome drama. Well I watched most of episode 12 but I haven’t really gotten to the end yet but that counts right? I was really planning on watching this drama earlier but I got caught up in a lot of emotional roller coasters that’s why but I knew and was really looking forward to Donghae on here but throughout the drama I actually fell in love with the lead character more haha… It’s like he’s an older version of Donghae which is really adorable.

Cast : Ryu Deokhwan as Han Jinwoo; Yoon Joohee as Kang Kyunghee; Lee Donghae as Han ShiwooKim Jaekyung as Im Taekyung. When I saw the first episode, I was lost. Simply because this was a series and I was in season 4 but beyond that I saw Ryu Deokhwan and he was so cute haha… I don’t have the slightest idea who he was till I saw this drama. I did look him up after a few episodes and found out that God’s Quiz was his only TV drama but he has a ton of movies on his resume. As for Joohee, I didn’t know who she was either, and she was also adorable in this drama. Donghae, well he is my bias. I’ve known him for about 6 years though my fangirling and such and I’ve seen most of his dramas and he’s so short in person, sorry Hae but you are and I only saw Jaekyung on music shows so that was it. I wasn’t familiar with anyone except for Donghae which makes me very interested plus I love the CSI series so this was really 2nd nature for me. The cast was amazing and they really had chemistry which amazes me because it’s rare and very difficult for actors to pull off such roles like this. They have medical terms to memorize, weird information and really long lines so I am so amazed at how they portrayed their characters and also in awe at how they do it.

Story : The story differs every episode but there’s also one story that surrounds everything. I have no idea what that is because I have yet to watch the past seasons of this drama. They get weird cases every episode which is really cool because I didn’t know that some of them really are possible. I only am familiar with people not feeling pain, I saw it on CSI and on Grey’s Anatomy as well so I do have an idea about that but some I was totally clueless. There was this one story that surrounds Han Jinwoo which is clearly related to his mother whom I have no idea where she came from. She’s like a very good doctor, I’m guessing because people were really shocked when they saw her and yeah. Thing about it is, the cases were really not related to the main story so that’s one thing because you can still understand the case part but in relation to the main ones, you will be probably clueless like me on that subject. ALSOOOOO, the love story is really adorable. oh my goodness. I blush every episode for the slightest reasons.

Pairings :

Han Jinwoo & Kang Kyunghee (Ryu Deokhwan & Yoon Joohee) – They are adorable!!!!!! oh my goodness, I seriously want to know how it all began because in this season it seemed like they were in a relationship already and they’re totally cute with all the jokes and the compliments and the skin ship as well. I do love them to bits, that’s what I can only say because I really don’t have the slightest idea about the first stages of their relationship. I do have to watch the past seasons for that.

Han Shiwoo & Im Taekyung (Lee Donghae & Kim Jaekyung) – Ah yes! the hoobaenim/sunbaenim couple. This one is really nice, clearly Taekyung has the hots for Shiwoo but when they first met, she wasn’t expecting what he did first. He actually ignored her and head on straight to Han Jiwoo, Siwoo considered Jiwoo as his idol/mentor and said that Jiwoo has inspired him to take up medicine and to enter the university investigating team. I don’t really remember how the flirting began but what I do remember is Shiwoo giving Taekyung a hair tie and her pinching his cheeks. That was it but I really love them, they look so cute together and like I love how they hide their feelings for one another like it isn’t obvious enough that they like each other (but they weren’t able to tell eachother TT^TT).

Han Jiwoo & Han Shiwoo (Lee Donghae & Ryu Deokhwan) – my HanHan babies. Oh how I fell in love with this two as the drama goes on. They look so adorable together and when SiWoo calls JiWoo HanGoon and then he leaves it to him to explain what’s needed to be explained and he feels proud and such. I do love their chemistry, it’s like Donghae saw his older self in Ryu Deokhwan and I just love them to bits.

OST : I really can’t say much about the OST because I haven’t heard a single song but if I do, I will update this as soon as I hear it.

My Thoughts : I give it a solid 3.5/5 . I do love the drama and the whole of it but I also think that it’s mandatory that you watch the first seasons before you start on this one because it is really confusing when you go see this because it has those really weird references from past seasons that leaves you hanging but all in all it is a good medical drama if you’re into that CSI stuff and are familiar with medical terms and such. It also has that bit of comedy and drama so it’s okay in my book.

Have any of you seen this drama? If you haven’t then Happy Watching ^^v

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