[Personal Review] Discovery of Love

Hello! 🙂 oh it feels so good to be back here in wp! How’s everyone? So I already told in my post like a week ago that I’m sorta back. I came back to the drama world just recently, and by chance; if I might add. I saw this drama on KBS World at like 4am and it was on episode 2 that time, I ended up watching the whole thing and then just ignored it. I saw 6&7 a few weeks later and then ended up watching those as well so I just looked it up on #Dramania and watched away (Still waited for 2 weeks but its all good)

Cast : Jung Yu Mi as Han Yeo Reum; Eric Mun as Kang Tae Ha; Sung Joon as Nam Ha Jin; Yoon Jin Yi as Ahn Ah Rim; Yoon Hyun Min as Do Joon Ho; Kim Seul Gi as Yoon Sol. Before I get started on all this, let me just tell you that I love Eric, he’s a great weird singer for Shinhwa and he can also be beautiful in a girl costume. I was able to see some of the episodes of Shinhwa broadcast, including their farting session. Back to business; this was my first time seeing Eric in a drama, I was familiar with his “Do you smell something burning?” line (that was also said in this drama) but I haven’t got a chance to see him, till now. I know he had good ones like Spy Myungwol (did I spell that right?) and a few other ones but I wasn’t able too. The only one familiar in this cast for me was Seul Gi, I was able to see her in Flower Boy Next Door as that cute webtoon manager or something. Yeo Reum’s mom was also familiar to me and her “friend” for like a long time, he was Jandi’s dad in BOF. I really couldn’t say much to everyone because this was the first time I’ve seen them act but I love Eric in here, I actually was surprised at how good he was at being a masochist and an obsessed ex-boyfriend, him being cocky was really spot on and the CEO thing is actually no surprise since he is a CEO in real life.

Story : So, the story is about two ex-lovers (Yeo Reum and Tae Ha) that found each other ; they dated for 5 years and then separated and then a year after their break up, they see each other in a lobby at this hotel. The thing is, the girl is in a relationship with another man who is Ha Jin. The story starts off with Yeo Reum and Tae Ha exchanging phones by mistake and then that’s where everything takes a turn for the worst, or should I say weird. A lot of things happened to them because here we have Tae Ha who is completely blank about why he and Yeo Reum broke up and then Yeo Reum who is shocked at meeting her ex and at the same time angry at why he dares to show his face to her. There was actually not a main reason why they broke up because through the course of the drama, they have these flashbacks that show the reasons why they bicker and fight but it also shows how much they love each other.

Spolier here tho, during the flashbacks, you’ll notice that Yeo Reum was in the loss there. Her man forgetting outings and dates but you also see some good ones that show Tae Ha being all sweet and loving to her. At the middle of it all, you see Tae Ha changing as a man, he tends to play the cards a little better now, he became the “weaker one who loves more” and Yeo Reum became this confused person. She feels like Tae Ha knows more about her than she knows herself and (I think) that’s what she hated about him because he can be all cocky about him being right. I do remember this one episode where Tae Ha realizes that he’s falling in love with Yeo Reum again that he keeps on seeing her everywhere and he even froze when she fixed the collar of his shirt. But that doesn’t end like that, he ends up being more hurt because of her relationship with Ha Jin that’s going strong… or is it?. I want to spill more but that’s actually what’s the best part about this drama, you don’t know who Yeo Reum will end up with.

I can honestly say that I love these second chance dramas, I saw this one on Emergency Couple and I loved it. It’s like you’re dating the same woman but with stronger feelings for him/her, it’s like a new experience for the both of you but at the same time… not quite… that’s what I like about these genres to be honest. Segway back to the drama, the producers sent out a message that the ending wont be liked by everyone so I was expecting like a weird never seeing each other again ending but in the end, for me…it was great.

Pairings :

Kang Tae Ha & Han Yeo Reum (Eric Mun & Jung Yu Mi) – Adorable!! I loved them, I didn’t know that they worked with each other before [Que Sera Sera (2007)] but they were so comfortable with each other, there were a lot of kisses and skinship with these two and they were so natural with it. Have you seen the press con pictures? They were so adorable!! playing with each other, complimenting and praising and I ship them. I wish they would do more dramas together, they were so much fun to watch.

The struggle of this couple, my goodness. 5 year relationship, gone and then meeting and having feelings again but trying to stop them because girl is in a relationship and he’s nice and real handsome but ex is better and knows you more and it’s a wreck. I give credit to Yeo Reum for being this tough to handle all the crazy, it wasn’t easy for this woman and to be honest I think who she choose was the one that understood her most, the one that she doesn’t have to adjust and where she can be her when she’s with him. She may find out this way but I hope that they would go up to like 5 years too.

Nam Ha Jin & Han Yeo Reum (Sung Joon & Jung Yu Mi) – First of all, I don’t want to get all biased and everything, I just think that they’re a good match. Story wise, I think that Ha Jin’s not really that happy. He always lowers himself down even if it isn’t his fault, he refuses to have a fight with Yeo Reum and is “too kind” for his own good. These two had a rough relationship and I give credit to the both of them for keeping it go that long, it ain’t easy to have such a complicated relationship and they stuck it out as long as they can and I’m proud of them.

Now, I really love them to bits, they were so adorable in the first few episodes but I have to just say this. First, I really don’t have an idea with all the rules in dating and stuff but like (SPOILER) they met for the first time and then a few hours later they kiss. What kind of twisted thinking is that? You barely know the person and yet you’re sharing saliva with him already? Seriously… who does that?

Nam Ha Jin & Ahn Ah Rim (Sung Joon & Yoon Jin Yi) – Weird relationship because at first, I thought they were really blood related but then we find out that they’re not. He searches for her and she does too but he finds her and she doesn’t know that it’s him, he feels guilty and helps her and she falls in love with him but she doesn’t say because he has a girlfriend. That’s the best that I can do to summarize these two’s love story.

Do Joon Ho & Yoon Sol (Yoon Hyun Min & Kim Seul Gi) – I have to say that this couple is really cute!! hahaha They have this really casual “just friends” relationship but the Joon Ho became jealous all of a sudden but he has no idea why, then this instance came that he saw Sol talk back to this woman; his heart then started beating like a drum that he doesn’t know what to do. Joon Ho tried to be casual about him trying to court Sol but he was being left behind, he was just so cute practicing his lines and all that.

I like Seul Gi as a person, she’s really cute and I was just so happy that I saw her in Flower Boy Next Door. She was that cute panda girl with the black eyebags, she was so cute.

Yeo Reum’s Mom & Her long time best friend – I actually know their names, I’m just not too sure if it’s really them, character wise. Anyway, I love this couple too much. They’ve been good friends for like 30 or 20 years? She’s a widow and so is he, and they have this really cool relationship that they love each other, but they don’t know. This is what I love most about being friends first, come really don’t end up being together but like… you care for the other person and you don’t realize that you love them. It just hits you; out of the blue, unplanned and in an instant.

OST : OST wise, I won’t go into detail with this because I haven’t listened to it that long. I love three tracks at the moment, 어린애처럼 by Shin Hye Sung (Shinhwa); 별 일 아니에요 by Sweet Sorrow as the intro for the drama and 너무 보고싶어 by Acoustic Collabo. The one that Acoustic Collabo sang is currently my fave. I like it because it’s the song I have for Yeo Reum and Tae Ha, the title translate to :  I really miss you or I really want to see you. I don’t quite get how it affected me (well I kinda know because there’s this person I really wanna see) but I like how it expressed their longing for each other but they can’t really express it. It’s bittersweet but it’s such a nice song. Once I listen to all the songs for this drama, I will review it because it has an amazing OST :3

My thoughts : REALLY NICE! I give it a 4.5/5 in my book. It’s a fairly nice rom-com drama and I like that these second chance dramas are going mainstream. It gives people that perspective that divorce or separation isn’t the answer for everything, they need to work it out first before deciding to end their vows. The flashbacks were a real nice touch as well, it gives me that sense of “oh so this is what happened” and “oh they were in that kind of relationship” we had that sense of idea on how they were before and why they were so mad about it, or why he was so passionate on getting it back with her. The flow of the story is nice and I also like that there’s no evil mom present (most of the time; Yeo Reum did get slapped tho) but she really wasn’t the reason why the two broke up and I fancy that.

The ending did lack something, it turns out that the assistant writer was the one monitoring all the stuff that was happening but we didn’t know how she got it because they looked like they were some sort of interview but nothing came up in the end. So I really don’t understand that concept. All in all it was a good drama, the chemistry of everyone was so cool and the story is nice. hands down. It had those tear flowing scenes, it got me a couple of times so I still think that tissues are needed but mostly you just need to suppress that grin or you’ll end up looking like an idiot smiling at your laptop. Give this a go, it’s awesome.

Happy Watching ^^v

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