No Jinx!

So, I said to all you people that I’m sorta back and well I kinda am. I don’t wanna jinx anything but I’m finishing a drama tomorrow and I’m also in the process of watching one too (watching 2 dramas). I’m finishing Discovery of Romance plus I’m on episode 3 on God’s Quiz 4, I’m also planning on watching Blade Man ^^ and debating if I should see Fated to Love You (Korean Verison). A lot going on, I know.

I usually have this plan but I don’t want to jinx anything since when I say something, I don’t end up doing it. So now, I’m hoping and praying that I get to watch all of these and review them asap 🙂 So yeah… I’ve been on.hiatus on drama watching, so are there any dramas that I might want to see or that were great in le reviews, then send em all to me ^^v

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