Hi Hi 🙂
I updated on my movies! Yaaay!! Dramas for now are a lil difficult, I’ve been living off streaming for a while coz my EHD is full and so is my laptop memory. I tried watching Hotel King but I just went up to episode 5 (part 2) because the rest were broken. It’s hell to watch on because of the lagging and whatnots but… I am being patient about it with Running Man and idk why. So, anyway.. I am gonna continue with the movies for now and try to keep you updated with the status of my dramas. I haven’t seen/finished anything, idk I just don’t feel like watching Korean dramas for a while. I am watching a local drama tho and it is making me go crazy every week night ♥.

So that’s that! Haha. I’m also busy with money making online, writing fics, chores/house thingys and well I also have to sleep so.. that’s that. I promise to make time for dramas at least once a week. That’s my goal for next week ^^v I miss you all

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