[Movie Review] Windstruck

This movie is one of my faves, I like a good romance but at the same time I like a little drama in my life. I actually saw My Sassy Girl first before this one and well it just makes sassy girl have more sense than it has. So this is a tear jerk-er (once again) and it’s also a bit comedic w/c is really nice.

Cast : Jun Ji Hyun as Officer Yeo Kyung Jin; Jang Hyuk as Go Myung Woo

Story : The story starts off with a chase scene between Kyung Jin and a robber and then further into it, Myung Woo was dragged in. The two then have a thing after that and then Myung Woo then signs as a police officer for his military duties and he lands as Kyung Jin’s partner. As time goes by, their relationship develops and Myung Woo starts to worry because of his girlfriend’s job.

There was also another story in this one, the princess was looking for a man to marry and then there were princes that were candidates for her husband, by choosing the right finger (or something like that). After some time, there was a war in the kingdom and the prince is needed, so he sets on his way and he hasn’t returned. Till one day, a rugged man showed up in the castle and lo and behold it was the lost king/prince. The princess was so happy that he has returned but the next day he saw him leaving the castle without even saying anything. Turns out it was his 49th day (from passing) and he just wanted to see his loved one before he goes on with his journey.

My Thoughts : The story is is a little weird, but once you get a hold of it and understand what happens and such then omg it’s the best thing ever. I actually was hoping if the 49th day was real because like yeah. I saw this with my mom a few weeks after You Who Came ended and she cried so hard whilst watching it, I asked her why and she said that she thought of her own mom (my grandma; passed away 2006) and that she wanted the same thing to happen to her.

Moving on, I super like this story in a way that it connects with Sassy Girl in a weird but nice way, I understood why the girl in Sassy Girl is so cautious when it comes to loving someone and why she was so hesitant when they were about to go steady. So, if you’ve seen Sassy Girl then you should give this a go. It gives you a better understanding of her character there and Happy Watching ^^

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