[Movie Review] Miracle in Cell No.7

This movie is all the rage where I am right now and people are doing whatever they can just to see this movie. I saw this movie a really long time ago, I’m not sure if its this year or last year but I definitely did. It’s a really good movie and I was crying like a crazy person while I was watching this.

Cast : Ryu Seung Ryong as Lee Yong Gu; Kal So Won as Ye-sung (Child); Park Shin Hye as Ye-sung (Adult); Jung Jin Young as Jang Min-hwan; Oh Dal Su as So Yang-ho; Park Won Sang as Choi Chun-ho; Kim Jung Tae as Kang Man-beom; Jung Man Sik as Shin Bong-shik; Kim Ki Cheon as Old man Seo

Story : Yong Gu is a mentally challenged person and he has a daughter who is Yesung. The two of them are actually living really well since Yesung is a lot smarter for her age. One day, something terrible happens to a child and Yong Gu is accused of doing it and he’s was sent to prison. I’m not gonna go into detail with all the thingys in the movie beyond this point since this is the fun part.

My Thoughts : This was a real tear jerker for me, it kinda was like I am Sam (Dakota Fanning and Sean Penn) I actually watched this because of the other characters, its like a villain reunion in this movie and they were actually real good in this one. What targeted me is the love and the story of Yesung and her dad, I love my dad to bits don’t get me wrong but sometime he just triggers something in me. I cried so hard because of what happens to Yesung and her dad and I just feel what she’s feeling and at that age as well.  I so want to go on but I might spill everything that’s good about this movie and we would wan’t that would we? so if you decide to go see this, I suggest you go and buy like 6 boxes of Kleenex for your eyes. because it is THAT good of a tear jerker. Happy Watching ^^

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