[Almost Kpop Related] Transformers 4 : Age of Extinction

This is not a review by the way, I just (well more like a few hours ago) came from the cinema and saw the movie with my aunt (mom’s sister) my cousin and my sister for FREE (c/o my other aunt w/c is my dad’s sister).
So in the movie house, all I can think about was Hangeng/Hankyung being in the movie and also one of my fave actors (Mark Wahlberg) is starring in it. I have seen all of the movies in this series and oh my goodness this was by far my fave because of the variety of Autobots (altho SPOILER : Ratchet dies HE IS MY FAVE TBH) and I also love that they have a different setting, other than America. I mean the battle all in all didn’t happen in american soil, I liked that so much.

Now, on Gengbao’s (Hangeng) scene. It wasn’t like a big scene but I mean he was there.. haha and I fangirled a bit when I saw him and I also laughed at how adorkable his reaction is, he just looked so cute!! Hihi. I am so looking forward to seeing him in english movies, I wish they could give him a break or something.

I actually went out for the first time in months and it felt so good to go out of the house! Hehe ^^ oh I am currently watching Hotel King and I am gonna look for some finished dramas to watch as well 😀

I am finally back to my jolly self, altho I have those breakdown moments, my dad has been the best and yeah! 😀 (oh btw, this is Joo hurr.. formerly : itsyoubadboy. My other username is active still and that will be for some kpop (music) reviews and some old OST’s for download) ^^V

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