Hi Guise! sorry about my MIA status, I’ve been literally in the dumps after all the happenings. It’s been a month since my mom passed away, it hasn’t sunk in yet and I’m a huge floating mess right now and I’m sorry about that.
I have so many dramas on hold, I have Triangle, Doctor Stranger, You’re Surrounded, God’s Quiz 4, Grandpa’s over Flowers, Hotel King, Angel Eyes and a whole lot more. I still haven’t found my watching feel so all my dramas are on hold.

I’m watching a lot of Gag Concert tho and if you have like time, go check it out.. my fave skits are, You only live once, Nom Nom Nom (the one with Pylgeun and Kilee), Dugeun Dugeun (Munjae and Hyoin), King of Ratings and The one with the Masters.. I forgot the title but it’s the one with the guy in all black says KKEUT (cut in korean). So funny!. I’m all alone in the afternoon tho, my cast is still here and a walking boot is gonna replace it for 6 months, and that means that I am stuck here at home for that time being. I am looking for some movies to watch, I might do movies for a while since they’re easier to follow and get plus my EHD doesn’t have enough space to hold more dramas 😦

So, I’m planning to change my url, since I can only change it once.. I thought about changing it to something more depth and meaning but now I can’t decide.

I’m sorry to announce that my “normal” self wont be back for a long time but I hope I can go back to being my usual self soon. Thanks for understanding you guise!

3 thoughts on “Hello~

  1. :/ I’m sorry you’ve been having a hard time… Really, if you ever want to talk or something, you can get a hold of me through my blog or some other linked account. And if you’re looking for a fun distraction, I’ve seen the first three episodes of You’re Surrounded and it seems promising. Hang in there…

    • Hey Joni dearest… thank you for this.. do you have like twitter or something? Haha I’ve been meaning to watch but I don’t like waiting for eps.. but I have my eye on a drama this week ^^

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