[Movie Review] No Breathing

I don’t know if this is the official poster for this movie but I am gonna think that it is so we can forget about that. I heard about this movie after I saw I Hear Your Voice and Reply 1997 back to back. I immediately searched for the release date and whatnots and I finally was able to see it after 3294209374029374 years.

Cast : Seo In Guk (Jo Won il), Lee Jong Suk (Jung Woo Sang), Kwon Yuri (Jang Eun)

Story : The movie starts out with Seo In Guk’s character being kicked out of school and then Yuri joins in a few moments later. Won il is a swimmer… but he has this issue with swimming. Then Woo Sang comes in the picture, coming from the US, he was an olympics trainee or something that was deported back to Korea because he did something crazy. The story begins to get interesting when they saw each other in a training facility/school and they’re room mates and they basically hate each other or.. more like Woo Sang hates Won il for some odd reason.

Their “friendship” then gets deeper when Jang Eun gets involved, and hence hello love triangle. This is as far as I’m gonna go, the rest you find out and watch because I don’t want to reveal some details.

My thoughts : Okay, before anything else, I just want to clear some details when they go to the Philippines in that movie. So they arrive and then the guy goes “Welcome to Manila” but the banner says they’re in Davao, Major fail on that part tbh, Do you guise know how far Manila is from Davao? it’s 440.08 , 2 and a half hours by plane, 3 days by boat and 2 days by land/ferry. I just want to clear that out and omg the women they choose to be there, the ones wearing the swim suits… I cannot -shakes head-.

Now, I liked the movie and I loved the swimming part. It was kinda a bummer then they said Manila instead of Davao tho.. and I think the beach they used is in Palawan… not in Davao but beyond that.. I was just happy that they showcased the beauty of the Philippine Beaches (proud to be filipina here woop woop \o/). I really enjoyed the movie, and I really didn’t get the connection of their travel to the Philippines to some competition because it wasn’t shown. Anywhoo, I liked the love triangle going on between Jong Suk, In Guk and Yuri there. It was super fun to see, we get to see men get jealous which was so funny. Inguk also showcased his eating abilities and I tell you I got hungry watching this movie. It is an amazeballs movie but I kinda got lost in the beginning since there were a lot of factors that I thought weren’t really needed in it but that were relevant in the last parts. Real confusing shiz to be very honest but amazeballs movie. You have to give this a look for you to really judge it. Now, that was my opinion and I don’t want to affect your viewing decisions so all I’m gonna say is go see it. It’s a nice movie and I had fun with it.

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