[Personal Review] Emergency Couple

I have been meaning to watch this drama since episode 4 but that time I was following You Who Came from the Stars and I don’t want to confuse myself and follow 2 dramas at the same time. I was doing it before when I was still studying but now I dont think I can lol, it just so happened that when I decided to see it episode 21 just aired. I was so excited to see this to be honest and when I did I felt so rewarded.

Cast : Choi Jin Hyuk (Oh Changmin), Song Ji Hyo (Oh Jin Hee), Lee Pil Mo (Gook Chun Soo), Choi Yeo Jin (Shin Ji Hye), Clara (Han Ah Reum), Park Jun Geum (Yoon Seung Sook; Changmin’s Mom). Okay, before I begin with the cast, let me first talk about how excited I am for this. I have been waiting months just to watch this drama and oh my goodness. I follow SJbecause of Reply 1997 and they posted one video, the one where they were bickering on the stairs. I think that was it, when I saw it.. I told myself “I will watch this drama”. Moving on to the cast.. Choi Jin Hyuk – I first saw him in Panda and Hedgehog.. well that time my eyes wasn’t really set on him because Donghae and then I heard news about his amazing performances in Gu Family Book and Heirs. I was going to watch Heirs but it felt too “familiar” (the usual story line of rich stubborn guy, poor girl, also rich second lead and its one big mess) to me so I just disregarded it and then I read news about him and Ji Hyo and here we are. Song Ji Hyo – Running Man Ace/ Miss Mong/ Mong Ji Hyo and of course the girl in Monday Couple. I am a big fan of Running Man, I’ve been following it since like episode 20 or something and I love her, she is the rose among the thorns and she rocks at it. This will be my third(?, I wasn’t able to finish Fugitive of Jeoson and Goong) drama of hers and I just really like her… A lot. As for the others, I haven’t seen any of their dramas so I really don’t know what to say to them except for being such good actors/actresses in this drama.

Now, for a special mention to Park Jun Geum. I cannot forget her for making such an impact in my kdrama life. When I saw her in Secret Garden, it was a big shock to me and she became my personal standard for evil mothers in the Kdrama world, she is amazing and even in this drama I wanted to kill her but my anger died down towards the end. She turned out to have a soft heart after all.

Story : This drama is about a divorced couple who met 6 years after, to simplify things. They say that love is sweeter the second time around and I think that this drama just proves that saying. Our “Oh” couple, Jin Hee and Changmin cross paths 6 years after their divorce, they meet at a hospital where the two of them are interns and at the same team. That’s pretty much the summary of everything, but something happens to these two that is very hard to explain. Changmin is this rich guy who belongs to a doctor family, but he was cut from those privileges when he decided to marry Jinhee who was at that time a nutritionist.. I think and so a year passed and they fight about over Changmin’s dead fishes and Jinhee burning curry and the rest was all DLSR smashing, expensive bag cutting, limited sound system breaking, china shattering and CD smashing and finally, rain pours and we flash forward to six years. That’s where I am gonna stop.

Pairings : Okay, starting with the obvious… Monday Couple (Kang Gary & Song Ji Hyo) [Oh Jin Hee & Substitute Driver] – I am a big fan of this couple to be very honest with you guise, I just fell in love with Gary’s cameo in this drama. I liked the part when she said “these are gods hands” and she showed her hands to Gary and he intertwined his hands with hers. I can’t even express how happy I was and that cameo was really fun tbh.
Choi Jin Hyuk & Song Ji Hyo (Oh Changmin & Oh Jinhee) – There are a lot of things I love with this couple; first is that they have chemistry, when they start to be okay they actually look good together. 2nd is that they’re adorable on and off cam, I can tell from the pictures that they’re close and I like that about actors. Last, they are so cute with babies. That scene on episode 19 with Gook is super adorable to be honest and they portrayed the role so well. One comment tho, those kissing scenes, I can tell that Jin Hyuk kisses very well but I’m kinda struggling with Jihyo. She just stands there and not move her lips. TvN is cable, you guise are allowed to make out.But yeah I loved them to bits and I’m actually having a drama hangover because of these two.
What I love about their characters is that they still have that “care” and “worry” hidden in the depths of their hearts, that it just spurts out when one of them is in trouble or they’re hurt.
Lee Pil Mo & Song Ji Hyo (Chief Gook & Oh Jin Hee) – This was probably the one I was really sad about. I really like these two.. I had this confusion with Chief Gook, I don’t get him with women.. like he’s mean when he actually is nice to her.. like he doesn’t know how to read women. That’s it but I love her being his fan and stuff and I think that this is probably the best sunbae/hoobae relationship… plus they remained friends after 🙂
Lee Pil Mo & Choi Yeo Jin (Chief Gook & Dr Shim) – This was the one I like… well after “Oh” couple… I know for a fact that they’re ex-lovers and how they remained to be such great friends is a miracle. She has such guts to be so comfortable around him and has this admirable trait on how well she hides her emotions. I can feel her getting jealous and hurt but she’s totally cool about it and I admire her for that. Chief Gook on the other had, he still cares for her.. I knew that because of how he kept the photos of them. He knows he still loves her but doesn’t know if its for real this time… since he’s afraid of marriage and commitment. But towards the end you can see him run to her for almost everything and like she is his pillar of support since he has a lot going on. In the end when he finally settled his feeling he just showed to her and her family that “I care for you” it took him a few month to realize who he truly loves.
Jin Hyuk & Clara (Oh changmin & Han Ah Reum) – this one was more of a friendship for , what I like about them is that they know it can’t happen yet they help each other out. I remember her calling Jinhee when Changmin was sick and Changmin telling a perv patient that he was her husband so he can stop hitting on her. That’s really it.
Clara & Yoon Joog Hoon (Han Ah Reum & Im Yong Gyu) – it was a looooooong ride and realization but they finally got through. Yong Gyu is such an adorable kid, he is very expressive about his feelings and he really doesn’t give up. Ah Reum on the other hand tho, she kinda warmed up to him after he got scared after an incident and I kinda like the fact that she was there to support him and talk to him and give him strength and stuff, and in the end it finally worked out for them!
Jeon Soo Jin & Park Doo Sik (Jin Ae & Gwangsoo) – These two might have been a handful for Jinhee but you gotta admit, they make a hell of a team for Adorable Baby Gookie. Jinae auditions like hell and Gwangsoo gave up being a stay home dad to find money for Baby Gookie’s formula. I kinda remember him punching Changmin and I was like “wow, that is one angry dad” and I adore these two. They might me too young but I think Jinhee and Changmin learned a thing or two from them.
Lim Hyun Sung & Chung Min Hee (Newlyweds : Sang Hyuk & Young Ae) – they are the example of a marriage. Yes,I see most of the couples I know in them. They bicker at one point and be sweet at another. Its like your average couple… There’s nothing to comment about their roles since they did it so wonderfully, I just find them real funny at times.

OST : I haven’t really listened to the OST that much since I had a lot of stuff going on after watching this drama but I liked the song Choi Jin Hyuk sang, 꽃향기 and Love Again by 3rd Coast. Those were the songs that appealed to me. 꽃향기 or Scent of a Flower is somewhat a sad song for me but it made more of an impact when Choi Jin Hyuk sang it. His voice added a deeper level of emotion that I loved. Love Again was a fun song and that’s what I liked about it. I got used to listening to it that I fell in love with it. The whole OST is really nice tho, I just love these songs more.

My thoughts : So imagine yourself working with your ex-wife/ex-husband, it should be awkward at first right but then these two bicker the moment they see each other. I don’t know, I find it amazing that they just open up so easily, yes they still want to kill each other but then you see that moment when the other is concerned for your safety, s/he’s affected when you get hurt and they don’t know it themselves but they feel jealous when a guy or a girl comes near the other one. It’s like they have ownership of one another. They say love is sweeter the second time around and this drama proves it. Its so funny how they feel the same thing they felt the first time… its like reading a book you love all over again but now you have a better understanding. It has a different impact but in a good way. I kinda remember the question there about love and stuff “Who would you choose, the one who you’re used to or the one that makes your heart flutter?” it made me think about my feelings and to be honest I don’t know how to answer since I like a little of both but I leave you with the same question, Who would you choose.. the one who you’re used to or the one who makes your heart flutter? . This was a very fun drama, and it is funny as hell so I recommend this one since it has a lot of lessons 🙂 Happy Watching Everyone!

=A/N= I’m back in business but I don’t think I’ll be back to normal anytime soon… I mentioned in a post that my mom is in the hospital and that she was doing okay. Well, she passed away last week and she was laid to rest yesterday and now I’m back at home and recovering, emotionally and physically. I’m gonna catch up on everything.. I promise! Please be patient with me!!

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  1. I’m so sorry about your mom… Truly, my condolences go out to you. Please don’t worry too much about being late on reviews- I understand completely that you need to take time to rest and recover. On another note, I know from personal practice and watching Korean dramas can be a nice escape and break from real life. This one seems like fun- but I’ve been hesitant due to the hospital setting… I’m guessing there’s a lot of medical/injury/surgery/blood?

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