So I’ve been meaning to post something for the past weeks but I haven’t watched a new drama yet ;; I’m still re-watching YWCFTS (I know… I’m crey) but I got to watch No Breathing over the week and I can’t wait to write my review on that movie.

So reason I can’t update is because of me being in bed, I’ve been sick for the past 6 days and I can barely check twitter (w/c I’m on most of the time) so its been a bad week for me but I’m finally getting my old self back \o/ (I hope) so I might find time to write a couple of reviews for the days/weeks to come.

I’m eyeing a lot of dramas to watch but I’m not sure what to go see first or what I would love; Emergency Couple, Let’s Eat, Beyond the Clouds, Three Days, Angel Eyes and Big Man (I got my work cut out for me 후…). I hope I can take a look at the dramas and finally get over the Man from the Stars craze. Wish me Luck ^^v

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