[Movie Review] Secretly Greatly

Since I’m still in the Kim Soo Hyun wave, I’m reviewing everything I have on this man so I can just leave the craze. I’ve been searching for this movie for ages, since I’ve been reading articles of it’s success and that the tickets were sold out in a flash. I got interested plus I saw some stills [here xD,ย Hereย and HEEEREEE] that convinced me to just go and watch the movie.

Cast : Kim Soo Hyun (Won Ryu Hwan/ Bang Donggu), Lee Hyun Woo (Lee Hae Jin), Park Ki Woong (Lee Hae Rang/ Kim Min Su)

Story : This movie was based on the web-toon series Convertess by Hun. This is not your usual spy movie, but I will tell you that it has a lot of fight scenes that will just blow you away. The story revolves around Donggu, which is Soo Hyun’s character; he’s the village idiot on this one and everyone bullies him around because of him being like that but little does everyone know that he’s a trained spy. If you’ve seen the American Series, Dark Angel or maybe the movie Salt.. then that’s fairly similar. They were trained to kill the moment they can walk and they are to show no mercy to anyone. Now, Donggu is goes in as the village idiot and he’s standing by in case he gets orders from the higher people. This is where MinSu appears, he goes into the same village and then he goes to give Donggu a visit, they had this little spar and then they team up eventually. Minsu is going in as an aspiring musician and well lets just say he knows how to play the basics, yes.. lets leave it at that.

Going further, Hae Jin then comes to the picture. He recognizes the love of his life (lol jk) which is Ryu Hwan or Donggu as the people know him by and he goes in to pursue him but he just can’t do the killing, they go way back.. I think Ryu Hwan like gave him a lecture or something. The three eventually came friends and they do everything together. Then one day, the three of them became the threats because they found out that their families, that are supposed to be protected are dead or maybe killed and the north think that they’ve gone AWOL so the north orders the others to kill our three musketeers. Beyond that, I am not gonna tell but I will tell you that they had a fight that is to die for.

My Thoughts : The movie is very well made and the acting of our three stars are just the best, it’s actually a comedic movie at first then it transforms to an action one and then it ends on a dramatic note. I loved the action scenes and the scenes at the end made me just tear up so bad. If I was given a chance to go see this I would decline because I cannot handle the drama at the end. This is such a short movie just because I really don’t know what to say. I loved the Hyun Woo/Soo Hyun bromance tho, they’re so adorable on and off set ๐Ÿ™‚ My opinion might not be properly expressed but I had mixed feelings about this movie. What about you guys? Have you seen this one? if not, then give it a go. It’s worth the watch! Happy Watching^^

2 thoughts on “[Movie Review] Secretly Greatly

  1. I watched this movie with some friends after hearing good things and having epic love for the three main actors. I really enjoyed it right up till the end. Now I shall never forgive my friend for telling us to watch it…..

    • Same! I enjoyed it till the last bit which was frustrating as hell, and I’ve been itching to watch it for months. I was so disappointed but the characters are so irresistible to watch ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for your comment!

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