[Personal Review] Mary Stayed Out All Night

I actually had a chance to watch this drama on our retreat, my friend in college had the episodes on her laptop so I decided to watch with her. It didn’t have subs because she’s Korean but she was kind enough to translate stuff for me since she knows I’m a kpop fan and that I also loved dramas. Anyway, my aunt also recommended this to me but she told me the story is a little off but I still decided to see the drama despite her not loving the story.

Cast : Jang Geun Suk (Kang Mu Gyul), Moon Geun Young (Wi Mae Ri), Kim Jae Wook (Byun Jung In), Kim Hyo Jin (Seo Joon). Now, the cast is really amazing.. we have JGS and Jae Wook who are my faves. I love JGS in You’re Beautiful and Jae Wook in Coffee Prince, So the two are rivals in this drama… JGS is a musician here, he’s the lead singer and the guitarist in a band called “Absolute Perfection” and Jae Wook is a head rep for a drama company and he’s a Jap-Kor in this drama. What I like about their characters is that it’s so close to their real lives since Geun Suk sings and he plays the guitar very well and Jae Wook speaks fluent Japanese due to him living there for several years but he’s pure korean.

Now Geun Young and HyoJin, I actually haven’t heard of Geun Young before this drama so I absolutely have no idea who she is but I saw her in Cinderella Stepsister after but I wasn’t able to finish it because it was too confusing for me and too dramatic, I saw her in Innocent Steps and that one I did finish… with all thanks to my best friend Heerin [I’m gonna review the movie as well, but that would be published next, next week], we watched it on youtube together and I think that the movie was so adorable and she was so good in it. Hyojin on the other hand, I don’t know her from Eve. I google-d her and she has a hefty list of dramas but sadly I haven’t seen one of her dramas and/or movies. So I really don’t know where to begin. I liked them in their characters, Maeri was really adorable but like I don’t think that it suits her at that age. I don’t know, the aegyo might be too much for me but I just didn’t like it that much.

Story : The story focuses on Maeri, her dad was a business man that gone broke or something like that then her dad’s friend helped them to get back on their feet but I don’t think it went the way they wanted it to be. Maeri happens to run into Mu Gyul and they become friend but due to Maeri’s dad and his Japanese friend, she is to be wed to the Japanese’s son.

To avoid the wedding, she asked Mu Gyul to post as her husband. Dad is in shock and asks Maeri to have this 100 day period of going back and forth to Mu Gyul and Jung In and then finally choose who he wants to be with.

That’s basically what the whole story is about. It’s actually fun with all the music involved but the story isn’t that much of an impact as the drama that it replaced, which is Sungkyungkwan and the drama after w/c is Dream High. I love JGS and his music in this drama but story wise it’s just boring for me.

OST : The OST for this drama is one of the OST’s I adore, I love the songs 부탁해, My Bus and My Precious the most and I think that they gave justice to Jang Geun Suk’s voice by giving him such powerful songs.

=A/N= To sum things up; Awesome OST, just not a breathtaking drama. These are some amazing actors and I just felt that Geun Young has some legit acting guts and I didn’t see that in this drama w/c is a bummer because she was awesome in Cinderella Stepsister and that is what I want to see. Yeah, if you’ve seen this drama please throw your opinions here and if you haven’t then go take a look and see if this caters to your taste… Happy Watching ^^v

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