[Movie Review] The Thieves

[I just liked what he looked like in this wallpaper/poster so yeah forgive me ]

I’ve been meaning to watch this movie when I saw Secretly Greatly, but I came across Man From the Stars and then one opportunity came when one week, they just aired episode 13.. Do you guys remember that dreaded week? I sure do! to make up for my longing that week, I decided to watch this one. It’s been said that this was like a Korean version of Oceans 12 and that it’s the second highest grossing movie recorded in Korean film history.

Cast : This has to be the movie that I had difficulty with the cast since there are so many.
Koreans : Kim Soo Hyun, Jun Ji Hyun, Kim Hye Soo, Lee Jung Jae, Kim Yoon Seok, Kim Hae Sook
Chinese : Ooh Dal Soo (I know he’s korean but imma explain it later), Simon Yam, Angelica Lee, ┬áDerek Tsang

To start with the story, this is all about heists… which I love by the way [I’m a big robber/planning heists fangirl] they’re a team of robbers that target big business men, then there comes an opportune for them to steal the “jackpot” which is called “Rising Sun”. It’s a necklace with a big diamond in the middle and like it looks really expensive. So the Korean robbers need to team up with a few more people to pull off the heist. Poppie and his team team up with the Chinese people, Ooh Dal Soo (Andrew) is with the Chinese people so that’s why.

The whole movie is about them stealing the necklace. It really involves a lot on planning and such. On a side story, we have this romance with Zampano (Kim Soo Hyun) and Yenicall (Jun Ji Hyun) which was talked about. Now, Zampano is the maknae of the team and he’s a real quick learner and well he speaks Chinese here as well. Yenicall on the other hand is the acrobat here. She’s the one running on walls and stuff with the harness w/c Zampano usually controls.
I have mentioned this dozens of times, the hot topic is this was Kim Soo Hyun’s first movie and it happened to be a great success and that the director was really sorry about him being cut off in the middle because his popularity was rising at that time due to his drama The Moon that Embraces The Sun. Also, this was Jin Ji Hyun’s first ever on-screen kiss, can you believe that? after all the movies and the leading men she hasn’t been kissed. It became a hot topic as well because the kiss was a little steamy. In my point of view it was really sexy, I was shocked when I saw it to be very honest. Here’s a link to a clip of the said scene LINK

The main story of the movie was the love triangle of Popie, Macao Park and Pepsee. These three had a history and I am not going to spill that here. The Chinese also had a fun cast, and there’s a story on that side as well which was really interesting. It has a lot of twists and it just puts you in that edge of your seat feel, It’s my first Korean Heist Movie and I must say that I am not disappointed at all. I loved everything about it and even the locations, amazing hotel!! oh my goodness~(eventhoughkimsoohyunwasgoneinthemiddleofthemovieandsoismyfavekdramamom)

My Thoughts : Freakin Loved it!! I’m a fan of these things so it was like familiar ground to me. It was very well planned. The action scenes are AMAZING, Jun Ji Hyun did an excellent job on those harness scenes. It was the perfect blend of romance and it has it comedy moments but it sure isn’t lacking at action. The story is great too! You have this things with the characters and there’s a story in each of them and as you watch it. You kinda see their story unfold. Be prepared to see a few of the characters die and imprisoned tho, but beyond that… enjoy all the action. HAPPY WATCHING ^^

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