Alien Addiction

last Friday, I convinced my sister to finally watch 별에서. While she was watching, my mom joined in the craze. Yesterday, my parents and my sister went to a food bazaar, I wasn’t able to come with because of my freaky sinusitis. Last night, my dad joined in the craze.. apparently. They watched from episode 10 to 17 and like this morning at breakfast, I was all smiles because we were talking about the drama and how Min Joon is like and Song Yi and everything.

My mom decided to ask me to watch the drama with her, together with my dad we finished the drama… everyone was in tears except for me of course… but it was so fun for me because that’s what everybody was talking about today.
It’s rare for my dad to watch dramas and this is probably his second kdrama. So our standard : when dad likes it… its a good arse drama.

So yeah, now my sister just finished and my dad wants to go watch the first episodes he wasnt able to see and im laughing like a retarded monkey.

I’m kinda am getting to the “moved on” stage but they’re just starting the cycle so I’ll be stuck to talking with them about le drama.

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